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How Do I Keep My Truck Drivers Happy?

Earning as a truck driver means long working hours and unwavering commitment and responsibility towards the job. Most truck drivers are fatigued and stressed due to the overwhelming pressure to stay secure while hauling heavy loads within the deadline.

Keep in mind that happy truck drivers are not only satisfied, but also more productive. If you run a logistics company, keeping your truck drivers happy should be your top priority.  After all, without a happy or productive driver, there is no way you can deliver things to your destination.

From keeping your safety scores clean and offering rewards, you need to do everything to keep your truck driver happy. Meeting your DOT inspection requirements and safety scores are two primary ways you can retain a driver who drives safely, is familiar with the routes, and works well with dispatch for the long term.

Here are some top-tier ways you can keep your truck driver happy and retain them.

Tips to Keep Your Truck Drivers Happy


Providing a consistent atmosphere is important if you want a productive performance from your truck drivers.

You may change their routes, but keep the expectations you set for them the same. Constant changes in the company’s policies can cause frustration and stress for the drivers. There has to be a strong internal system for your drivers to rely on.

Offer a Decent Pay Package

Typically, truck drivers are paid far less than they deserve. As freight rates are not increasing, it is hard for most fleets to pay their truck drivers a sophisticated amount.

However, fleets such as Progressive have developed decent pay packages to reward drivers on the performance that benefits the company’s revenue and reputation.

After all, it is discouraging for drivers to see others earn the same amount for a job that is far less risky than theirs is. Rewarding truck drivers consistent performance is a great way to incentivize them while motivating them to stay with the company longer.

Reliable and Safe Equipment

For people driving heavy vehicles, the use of equipment is a mandatory part of their job. If trucks get faulty or outdated, it takes a lot more effort to fulfill the requirements of the job.  In other words, bad truck equipment is not only annoying but also very dangerous.

That is why it is important to maintain your fleet and upgrade the hardware and software.  Maintained and nice equipment makes other truck jobs look less tempting.

Quality Time for Home

Even for seasonal drivers, working consecutively on night shifts gets old after some time. Whether your driver is single or has a spouse, family, or children, he needs quality time at home. It allows him to relax, enjoy life, and destress. Make sure your truck drivers do not just get home for mini-breaks but receive their paid leaves as well.


Summing Up

In a nutshell, keeping truck drivers happy is a serious matter in logistic history.  To retain them for a long time, you must keep them happy and satisfied, and it is more than just increasing their pay. Thus, the article includes some ways you can keep your truck drivers loyal to your company and content.

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