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Certain Commercial Vehicles Require Specific Insurance Coverage

Commercial Vehicles

See which insurance coverages are recommended based on your commercial vehicle type.

When you are the owner and operator of commercial vehicles, it's critical to get the right insurance coverage for your business. Depending on the type of vehicle, you may need specific coverage options. Our team of professionals can help you save money and find the right commercial policy for your business and combination of vehicles.

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Does your commercial vehicle have the proper insurance coverage?

Each vehicle and type of business has it's own risks and coverages.

Each vehicle and type of business has different risks and coverage requirements. There are various trucking businesses, and they all have unique insurance needs. In the United States, the transportation industry has specific insurance requirements for truckers and commercial vehicles. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates that all commercial trucks carry a certificate of liability insurance to cover bodily injury and property damage claims for other drivers in an at-fault accident. To get personal injury protection and coverage for your fleet of vehicles, you will need to check out physical damage coverage.

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Aside from liability and damage insurance, there are other considerations for extra protection related to your fleet, cargo, equipment, and business. Our team of professionals can provide you with insurance advice and assistance in finding the best insurance rates from the best commercial auto insurer for your needs.

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Tractor Trailers

Getting the right insurance for your tractor trailers is crucial. Aside from liability and physical damage coverage, the insurance policy you need for your commercial trucks will be determined by your business and cargo. Depending on the nature of your business, you might look into coverages that protect general cargo, hazardous material cargo, your bob-tail, and other aspects of your business. Owning and operating this type of commercial motor vehicle can come with numerous risks, and you'll want to make sure you are covered. We can help you find the best coverage at the best rate, so your business and motor carriers are protected.

on-hook/in-tow insurance
Tow Trucks

As the owner and operator of a tow truck, you bear special risks transporting vehicles. You will need basic liability coverages and should also consider physical damage insurance. Beyond these coverages, you may require garage keepers liability insurance to protect vehicles stored on your lot, as well as on-hook insurance to cover the vehicles you are towing. You've got enough on your plate as the operator of a tow truck or wrecker firm. Let us make getting the right insurance as easy as possible.

tank truck insurance - do you haul hazardous materials?
Tank Truck

Owning and running a tank truck is a unique business that may require specific types of insurance. Above the standard liability and physical damage insurance, the cargo carried by a tank truck usually has increased risks requiring other commercial auto policies. From gasoline and oil to other hazardous materials, your tank truck could be responsible for all types of cargo. You may require cargo insurance and hazardous materials coverage to provide financial protection if your cargo is spilled and causes an environmental issue. We can help you get the insurance you need to cover your tanker trucks.

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Pickup Trucks

Whether you use your pickup truck as a commercial vehicle or a personal passenger vehicle, you will need insurance. Your pickup truck will require at least the minimum amount of liability insurance mandated by your state. You will also want to look into comprehensive coverage, and it may be required if you are financing or leasing the vehicle. Additionally, if you are using the pickup truck as a commercial vehicle, you may need to consider additional coverages to protect your business and cargo. Our team of agents can help you shop for the best coverage at the lowest rate.

moving business insurance
Moving Trucks

Owning and operating a moving truck can come with substantial risks as you could be transporting items of significant value. Aside from liability insurance and physical damage coverage, the policies you need will be based on your equipment and business. You will want to make sure that you are covered for any losses that could occur while transporting others' property. Insuring your moving trucks doesn't have to be complicated. Our transportation insurance agents are pros at making moving truck insurance easy. We're here to help.

hotshot insurance quotes
Hot Shots

Your hot shot trucking business needs the right insurance like any other commercial trucking operation. This kind of trucking isn't without risks, and you need basic liability protection and physical damage coverage. Hot shot trucking involves a number of factors and scenarios that could require additional auto insurance to protect your vehicles, equipment, and business. Let us help you prepare for anything the road can throw at you with the right insurance plan.

flatbed insurance
Flatbed Trucks

If you own and operate flatbed trucks, you need to be ready for anything. Every business that uses flatbeds is different because these trucks are so versatile. You will need the standard liability coverages and a physical damage policy to protect you and your truck. Beyond this, the coverages you need will be based on the scope of business you do. You may need to provide extra coverage for liability, cargo, and special equipment. Getting the flatbed truck insurance you need can help you manage the risks you face every day.

get quotes for your dump truck insurance
Dump Trucks

Dump trucks can haul numerous items and pose unique risks to owners and operators. You will need basic liability and physical damage coverage and other specialized protections based on your business. You may require insurance products to cover your cargo, financial responsibility, or additional liabilities. State and federal regulations can differ, and it's important to know what you need. Our team can help you find the best dump truck insurance at the best rate. We're professionals at transportation insurance, and we like to make insurance easy for dump truck owners. 

get a box truck insurance quote
Straight/Box Trucks

Depending on the carrying capacity of a specific vehicle, your box trucks could hold a significant amount of cargo. While you will need liability coverage and should look into physical damage coverage, you may also need a policy protecting your cargo and financial liability. Operating a box truck can bring several risks to your business and your equipment. Our team can help you get the right box truck insurance quotes for your needs.

auto hauler insurance quotes
Auto Haulers

Hauling numerous vehicles at one time can come with significant risks and liability for property damage. Car hauler operations often carry a load that has a very high value. Aside from the standard liability and damage insurance, there are considerations for cargo coverage and liability protection for vehicle damage when loading and unloading. Depending on the nature of your car hauler business, you may need a significant amount of coverage. When you haul cars for a living, you must have the right truck insurance to protect you. Our team of professionals can help you find the car hauler insurance you need.

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