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Do you need an insurance quote for your commercial truck?

If you need coverage for your commercial truck or fleet of trucks, our team of professionals can shop around to get the best rate and coverage for your needs. Let's work to find the insurance policy that you need at a price you can afford.

Let us save you money on your commercial truck insurance.

When you're the owner and operator of a trucking business, it's important to get the needed coverage to protect your business and your trucks.

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No matter if you are a small business with one truck or a large operation with a fleet of vehicles on the road, our team of professionals can help you. Our truck insurance agents understand the risks you face out on the road and want to work to make sure that you have the best protection possible. Depending on your business and your trucks, our team knows the business and can help you find the coverages for your specific situation. Contact us today and let us get you started with an insurance quote that can save you money and cover your needs.

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Shopping around for commercial truck insurance can take time.

We can help you save time and money by finding the right insurance for your needs quickly. Several types of commercial auto insurance coverages are available today, and it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to find the right policy.

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At Truck Insurance Quotes, our agents can take the stress and time out of finding a commercial truck insurance policy on your own. We can get you customized rates that can fit your business needs quickly. Our transportation professionals understand the various coverages available for the commercial trucking industry and will narrow down the options to get you the right protection. Our professionals can provide you with multiple quotes and options in a short amount of time.

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Commercial Truck Insurance

Your insurance needs will depend on your business and the type of trucks you operate. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates that all motor carriers have a minimum amount of liability insurance to cover bodily injury and property damage claims for other drivers in an at-fault accident. You might also want to consider physical damage insurance to provide personal injury protection and coverage for damage to your truck. Aside from these coverages, you may need other types of insurance for your business and specific truck. our agents can help you find the coverage you need for your commercial trucks.

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Tractor-Trailer Insurance

Tractor-trailer operators can haul all kinds of cargo, and that can come with several levels of liability and risks. We understand the coverages you need and can help you get the best truck insurance quote to help cover your vehicle and your cargo. No matter what you're hauling or where you're going, we can help you have peace of mind on the road.

get quotes for your dump truck insurance
Dump Truck Insurance

Driving a dump truck can come with several risks. From the cargo you are carrying to the loading and dumping process, there are numerous factors to consider. It is important to make sure that you have the right insurance coverages you need to protect your business, dump truck, and liability.

get a box truck insurance quote
Box Truck Insurance

Box trucks are versatile vehicles and can carry numerous types of cargo. From package deliveries to frozen seafood transportation, box trucks have all kinds of uses. If you operate a box truck, you'll want to ensure that your truck and cargo are protected out on the road. We can help you find the coverage you need to protect your business against the risks that your box truck business might face.

flatbed insurance
Flatbed Truck Insurance

All businesses that utilize flatbed trucks are different. Flatbed trucks can carry all kinds of items, and your business and vehicle will need to be insured against the specific risks associated with your cargo. Our team can help you create a customized insurance strategy that can protect your business, flatbed truck, and cargo while you are on the road.

moving business insurance
Moving Truck Insurance

A moving truck business can be lucrative but can also come with some high risks. Moving trucks can be responsible for transporting items of significant value. The liability of transporting others' goods can come with numerous risks. our agents can help you simplify the process for insuring your moving trucks and help make sure that you have the right coverages to limit the liability to your business and truck.

on-hook/in-tow insurance
Tow Truck Insurance

Tow truck businesses face many risks associated with hauling others' vehicles. From towing vehicles to storing them, your business could be responsible for numerous types of cars of significant value. To make sure that you're covered from the risks of tow truck operations, you will need insurance to protect your business, truck, and towed vehicles. We're here to help you find the coverage you need.

tank truck insurance - do you haul hazardous materials?
Tank Truck Insurance

Tanker trucks can carry several types of cargo that can be dangerous. Tank truck operators can face significant risks by transporting hazardous materials from gas and oil to other chemicals. Proper insurance coverage can guarantee that your tank truck business is protected against damage and liability that could stem from accidents and spills. Let us help you find the right coverages to protect your tank truck and cargo.

auto hauler insurance quotes
Auto Haulers Insurance

Auto haulers can carry several vehicles at a time and incur significant risks with each car. From loading and unloading to hauling multiple vehicles, auto hauler operators have many layers of liability. However, with the right truck insurance, you can minimize those risks and make sure that your truck and business are covered. We can help you have peace of mind when hauling several vehicles at one time.

hotshot insurance quotes
Hot Shot Truck Insurance

Hot shot trucking involves hauling smaller, more time-sensitive loads. Hot shot truckers usually operate medium-duty trucks pulling flatbeds or other trailers. Given the different scenarios and factors for hot shot trucking, there can be numerous risks to cargo and equipment out on the road. our agents can help you find coverages to make sure that your truck and cargo are well protected with a commercial truck insurance policy.

Save money on car insurance for pickup trucks with these tips.
Pickup Truck Insurance

Pickup trucks are vehicles that can be used for business and pleasure. No matter how you use your pickup truck, you need to make sure that it is covered. To ensure full protection, you will want to meet your state's minimum liability insurance requirements and consider additional coverages. We can help you save money on your pickup truck insurance and get you the best coverage for your needs.

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Do you still have questions about getting commercial vehicle insurance?

How much is truck insurance? How do I save money on my commercial vehicle insurance?

Many commercial truck operators wonder how much insurance they need and how much coverage is going to cost. Depending on state and federal regulations for your specific type of truck, you may need a significant amount of commercial auto insurance for your business. our agents have a deep understanding of commercial trucking insurance requirements and can provide advice and assistance with finding the right products for your specific situation.

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Shopping around for commercial truck insurance is the best way to find the coverage you need at the rates that you can afford. Even if you're a truck operator, you may still have questions about commercial auto insurance and be looking around for various quotes. At Truck Insurance Quotes, we are here to help you navigate the insurance process to find the best solutions for your needs. We can help answer all of your questions and shop around for you to find the best quotes. Contact us today and let us help you save time and money by finding you the best commercial truck insurance.

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Do you need the best commercial vehicle insurance? Our agents will work to help you compare multiple commercial truck insurance quotes and get the best coverages for your business.

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Our commercial truck insurance agents can assist you in several ways.
Compare several quotes from multiple commercial truck insurance companies.
Buy and secure commercial vehicle insurance online.
Check your rates from multiple truck insurance companies.
Speak to trucking insurance agents to answer your questions and get advice.
Shop multiple carriers and get several quotes in the same place.

Customer Reviews

We provide excellent customer service to help make finding commercial truck insurance as easy as possible. our agents are knowledgeable and trained to help you find the best coverage solutions. You don't have to take our word for it, though. Check out some recent reviews from our trucking insurance clients.

"Julie Cepin was wonderful to work with! I've been trying to get small business insurance for weeks and either wouldn't get a call back or the quotes I was getting back were extremely high. She was able to get me the lowest quote I've been given in a few short hours. I'm so relieved to finally check this off my list of things to do in setting up my business. Could not have been easier!"


"Chris Bell is a blessing. He went above and beyond to help me out getting the best insurance for my trucking company. He worked after-hours to make sure i was up and running...

Thanks, Chris!"


Finding the right insurance for your trucking business can be complicated with so many options and regulations. Truck Insurance Quotes can help simplify the process and make finding coverage a breeze. our agents are standing by to help you find exactly what you need. We are the trusted commercial truck insurance advisors, and our goal is to help you get the right coverage for your business at the lowest rates. Contact us today, and our team will get started shopping for your commercial truck insurance with the best insurance companies. Simply fill out our online insurance quote form or call us directly to find coverage and save money.


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