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What is physical damage insurance?

You depend on your trucks for your business, so you don’t want to be stuck footing expensive repairs if your truck is in an accident or is otherwise damaged. Fortunately, there’s physical damage coverage. Physical damage coverage helps you repair your trucks and get them back on the road if something happens to them. There are two parts to the coverage: collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.


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What is the difference between collision coverage and comprehensive coverage?

Collision coverage can help you repair your truck if it’s damaged in a car accident or if you collide with another object.

Comprehensive coverage can help you repair damages to your truck that were not caused by an accident or collision. It covers damages such as fire, falling objects (like trees), and vandalism. It can also cover theft, so if someone steals a truck and damages it, you’d be covered.

What does physical damage insurance cover?

Let’s illustrate with a couple examples.

Example 1: Collision coverage

You’re driving along on your way to pick up a stranded car when you get distracted by an accident on the other side of the road. There are flashing lights and everyone is slowing down to look at the accident. Because you’re looking at what’s happening on the other side of the road, you rear-end the SUV in front of you. Thankfully you’re not injured and the other driver is fine, but there’s a good amount of damage to the front of your truck, and you need to get it fixed ASAP so that you can get it back in service. Collision coverage could help you cover the costs of the repairs to your truck.

Example 2: Comprehensive coverage

You leave your truck parked outside overnight, as always. There’s a really bad windstorm, and when you show up to work the next morning, you discover that a huge oak tree has toppled...right onto your truck. It’s pretty squished and strongly resembles a metal pancake. You really weren’t expecting to have to pay to repair a truck that had a tree fall on it, but that’s where your comprehensive insurance would come in. Your insurance can help you cover the expenses after your pay your deductible (which is the amount you agree to pay towards a claim.)  

Why isn't liability insurance enough?

Auto liability insurance will cover the costs that you owe another person if you injure them or damage their car in an accident. It will not, however, cover the costs of repairing your truck following an accident. And it won't cover the costs of other damage that your truck could endure. That's why it's important to consider physical damage insurance to make sure that you can get your trucks back in service as soon as possible if they're damaged.

How much does physical damage insurance cost?

The cost of physical damage coverage depends on many different factors. How many trucks you have and the trucks themselves play a large part in determining how much you will end up paying for your physical damage insurance. The best way to get an accurate idea of the cost is to get multiple quotes for your insurance.


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