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Make sure you get the trucking insurance you need.

3 stories show why trucking companies need to review their insurance

How long has it been since you reviewed your trucking insurance policy? Has your policy grown with your business? If you haven’t looked at your coverage recently, you might be headed for some tough times as Tom, Don, and Luke found out. Here are their stories.

UPS has lowered its accident rate.

How UPS Significantly Lowered Its Accident Rate

In the US, on the job fatalities rose 7% last year. The transportation industry accounts for a whopping 40% of these fatalities. That far exceeds any other industry. As important as it is to prevent a fatality, that’s not the only cost. Injuries, property damage, damage to your own trucks, potential downtime and increased insurance premiums cost you. You have … Read more

If one of your drivers is in an accident, these steps can help you protect your business.

7 Steps To Take to Protect Your Trucking Company After An Accident

When’s the worst time to find out that your company isn’t prepared for a major truck accident? Right after that accident, of course. You may have to provide documents. You, managers, and the driver may be called to testify. Understanding what to expect and how to prepare will help protect the trucking company you’ve built. If one … Read more

Physical damage insurance can protect your business's trucks.

What is physical damage insurance?

There are many types of truck insurance out there, whether you drive tow trucks, box trucks, or semi-trucks. One coverage you might be wondering about is physical damage insurance. What is physical damage insurance? What does it do? How does it protect your business? And, well, do you really need it? We’re going to explain … Read more

Make sure you get the cargo insurance you need for your business.

How much cargo insurance does your trucking business need?

You have cargo insurance and understand its importance. You’ve evaluated the risks of carrying products. The goods your drivers transport in the trailer may even exceed the value of the truck itself. And in some cases, the cargo you carry isn’t that high-priced. In these cases, you could be carrying cargo insurance with limits you’d never reach.

Flatbed trucks come with some unique risks.

5 Risks Only Flatbed Truckers Understand

If you’re hauling with flatbed trucks, you have risks other trucking companies don’t have to worry about. Understanding these additional risks helps you make smart decision to protect your drivers, your trucks, your profits, and your company.

Flatbed truck insurance rates can vary greatly.

How much does flatbed truck insurance cost?

Whether you have a flatbed truck or you’re considering starting a truck business, you’re probably wondering about this question: how much does flatbed truck insurance cost? We’ll go over how much flatbed insurance costs and we’ll explain what affects your truck insurance rates.

You can manage auto hauler insurance costs with these tips.

5 Tips to Lower Auto Hauler Insurance Costs

Are you paying $100,000 or more each year for insurance for your auto hauler fleet? Even saving a small percent will mean a lot of money that you get to invest back into your company.

Short-haul truck insurance costs can be affected by different factors.

6 factors that impact short-haul truck insurance costs

As a short-haul trucking company, insurance takes up a huge chunk of your balance sheet. That’s why it’s so important to know what’s influencing the costs of short-haul truck insurance and whether you’re paying more than you have to as a result. Here’s what you need to know.