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truck out in snow

Removing Ice and Snow Buildup on Trucks Safely

During the winter months, it’s not uncommon to see snow and ice on the tops of commercial vehicles, including straight trucks, intermodal containers, large trucks, trailers and buses.

truck driving along the road

Common Insurance Risks in the Trucking Industry

Truckers are exposed to various risks, and truck drivers and many trucking companies face the crucial risk of lost and damaged cargo. Truck-related accidents are on the rise due to many reasons, such as excessive cell phone usage while driving, careless driving, or sleep deprivation. In addition to bodily injuries, the increasing number of accidents results in hefty payments. The … Read more

semi truck loading

What You Need to Know about Truck Insurance in Georgia

For trucks driven in Georgia, the minimum insurance amount is $100,000. Commercial trucks carrying over 12 passengers have to have an insurance limit of $500,000. However, privately owned pickup trucks and automobiles only need a minimum insurance amount of $50,000 per accident and $25,000 per person. In this article, we discuss insurance requirements in Georgia … Read more

Preparing Your Semi Truck for the Winter

Ever thought of winterizing your semi truck? As winter is around the corner, it’s high time for all owner-operators and fleet managers to prepare their semi trucks for snowy weather. Cold temperatures may severely impact a truck’s performance, which can result in crashes.  That’s why it’s important to take necessary measures to prevent breakdowns and … Read more

CDL Holders Can Earn up to $200 an Hour as a Snow Plow Driver in MA

Did you know that there are no specific educational requirements to become a snow plow driver? All you need is a commercial driver’s license. The real news is that snow plowing wages in Massachusetts are skyrocketing where different cities are offering varying rates. The average per hour rate is somewhere around $86-$200 across Massachusetts. Luckily … Read more

Safety Closures on I-70 in Colorado

Now that sun glare season has begun, truckers and other drivers in Colorado need to be careful while driving along I-70 early in the morning. To tackle the dangers of sun glare season, authorities are taking strict measures. In recent weeks, The CDOT has issued early morning safety closures whenever they deem the sun glare … Read more

Ways to Save on Your Truck Insurance

No matter how good of a driver you are, you probably notice your truck insurance premiums rising every year. Though most factors that cause premiums to increase aren’t in your control, there are some things you can do to try and keep them as low as possible. Don’t worry if you do not know where … Read more

How Much Will It Cost to Insure My Tractor Trailer?

A tractor-trailer is a combination of both a trailer and tractor that are connected by a fifth wheel hitch. In general, they’re used to transports heavy loads from one place to another. This type of truck has many names that can often confuse people. Many people use the word “semi” to describe a tractor-trailer, while … Read more

What to Do Following a Truck Accident

The first few hours following a truck accident are crucial for the motor carrier. Whether an accident was serious or just a fender bender, the situation requires immediate attention. In fact, taking appropriate action at that time can determine the case’s fate and whether it will go to trial or result in a settlement. For … Read more