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Commercial Auto Insurance vs. Personal Auto Insurance

Personal auto insurance covers most four-wheel vehicles such as trucks, vans, and cars that are for personal use only. However, if these vehicles are for business use then commercial auto insurance is required. All businesses require some sort of insurance for their vehicles. Commercial auto insurance is required in the trucking industry because it offers … Read more

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What to Do When a Receiver Rejects a Cargo Load

Oftentimes, when a receiver rejects a cargo load, it costs a significant amount of time, fuel, and transport products. From the viewpoint of sustainability, it may negate some prior fuel efficiency and cost savings. It doesn’t end here, some carriers may end up canceling their next shipment. As a result, they’ll need to spend a … Read more

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Love’s is Celebrating Truck Drivers in September

Did you know Love’s Travel Stops is all set to celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation during September 12th through the 18th? The renowned company plans to give away more than 14 million rewards points in September. The appreciation week will include hundreds of winners (on a daily basis). It will also reward one person with 1 … Read more

Women in Trucking

The shortage of truck drivers has become one of the most prominent challenges for the trucking industry. According to the latest report from the American Trucking Association, currently, the industry is short by 60,000 truckers, which is a nearly 20 percent increase from last year. The association has warned that if this shortage continues, it … Read more

Canal Insurance Company Improves Credit Rating

Did you know that recently AM Best improved Canal Insurance’s financial strength rating from a B++ (good) to A- (excellent?) It has an impact on the long-term insurance rating of Canal Indemnity and Canal Insurance, collectively known as “Canal Group”. The improved rating shows the strength of Canal’s balance sheet. AM Best has determined their sheet and … Read more

How Much Does Insurance for a Used Truck Cost?

“How much does insurance for a used truck cost” is one of the common questions drivers ask before they buy. Though the cost of these trucks is often low, the price you pay every year varies depending on factors like driving history, the state you live in, and cargo type. For instance, if you have … Read more

How to Lower Your Truck Insurance Rates Fast

No matter what upfront costs insurers show on their websites, the actual commercial truck insurance cost is different or hidden. It happens because there’s certain variables that influence commercial truck interest rates. However, the good news is that truckers can take certain measures to reduce their rates.

The Impact of the $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill on the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has had issues with retaining their drivers and growing their fleets for years. This issue is somewhat related to the new rules and regulations in the trucking industry. The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, in this regard, is no exception. The bill is expected to have a significant impact on truckers and fleets. … Read more

5 Helpful Tips to Save on Operational Costs

Managing operational efficiency by cutting costs is one of the important parts of a fleet manager’s job. Though it’s not something new for the experienced trucker, factors like supply chain disruptions, lost workdays, and decreasing operational costs have made it a significant issue. That is to say, with plenty of overheads such as asset maintenance and … Read more