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This Year’s Top Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

Regular pickup trucks make the right choice when you just want to cruise around or handle light tasks. However, if you need to haul heavy stuff and transport shipments, only heavy-duty pickup trucks can do the job. Perfect for any heavyweights in the trucking business, HD pickups can serve your particular purpose. However, with tons … Read more

How to Lower Your Truck Insurance Rates with Technology

Did you know that unwarranted lawsuits, damage from crashes, and costs that come with transporting goods has spiked significantly? This has caused commercial transportation insurance to rise, making this subject the biggest concern for fleet leaders. According to the American Transportation Research Institute, increasing insurance costs is the fifth largest issue truckers face. Due to … Read more

The FMCSA’s Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Linked to Driver Shortage

The driver shortage in different parts of the US has become a persistent problem. This complicated issue ultimately ties into multiple lifestyle choices according to Bob Costello, Chief Economist of American Trucking Associations. The trucking industry is experiencing a significant shortage of truck drivers and needs an additional 60,800 truckers to progress. The booming industry … Read more

Minneapolis Bans Larger Trucks from Parking on Their Streets

The legislative body of Minneapolis has imposed a new restriction banning larger trucks from parking on the streets. The restriction aims to improve protection measures for citizens. Modifying an existing ban on parking, the city council wants to make zoning districts safe for residents. It’s a citywide ban that includes all larger trucks. The newly … Read more

Brake Safety Week is August 22nd-28th

The US’s commercial motor vehicle authorities placed more than 1,151 vehicles out of service due to rule violations. During a one-day inspection in May, 8,658 trucks were evaluated according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. They had a similar inspection in Mexico and Canada. The authorities inspected more than 10,091 vehicles and found 1,273 out … Read more

How does your SAFER score affect your insurance rates?

5 Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers

With the number of cars on highways increasing, the Federal Motor Safety Administration stresses using safe driving tips and techniques. According to Meera Joshi- Deputy Commissioner FMCSA, trucks and heavy vehicles are essential. They play an important role in keeping stores supplied with food and medicines and transporting people safely to their destinations. However, driving a … Read more

It's important to have the right food truck insurance.

5 Ways to Save Money on Insuring Your Food Truck

When deciding to venture into business ownership, there’s a lot of financial decisions that must be made, including how much insurance you should purchase. It’s possible to save money on food truck insurance without sacrificing the protection provided by the policy. Below, there are five ways to save money on insuring your food truck so … Read more

Diesel Prices Have Risen 90 Cents on Average over the Past Year

If you’ve recently filled up your car, bike, or truck, there is no doubt that you already noticed that diesel prices have risen by quite a bit. The average price of fuel has increased by 90 cents over the course of the past year. Even if you’re not driving around as much these days, this … Read more

According the FMCSA, New Safety Devices for Windshields May be Underway

The FMCSA’s  new proposal is looking to change the rules and allow for increased windshield area to apply safety technology devices. According to the proposal, devices can be mounted or placed on the interior windshield in commercial motor vehicles. If accepted, the proposal will make temporary exemptions (fixed number) for motor carriers, technology companies (established … Read more