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FMCSA Military Driver Programs

FMCSA Military Driver Programs

If you’re a military personnel and you’re considering moving into a civilian career, don’t forget to consider trucking. Transportation can be a great career path. There’s always a need for experienced commercial truck drivers, and the FMCSA wants to fill the jobs with CMV drivers who have experience, who are safe drivers, and who are … Read more

MCS-150 update

Why didn’t my MCS-150 update show up in SMS?

The trucking world is full of paperwork and regulations. The MCS-150 is something that motor carriers need to be aware of and keep up with. (There are a lot of forms and such you have to keep up with, admittedly.) But even when you are on top of everything, you might wonder why the carefully … Read more

SMS severity tables

What and where are the Safety Measurement System severity tables?

Being a motor carrier is a lot of paying attention to regulations and inspections. You might be wondering what violation severity weight is and where one could find the severity tables for the SMS. Seems like that would be something helpful to know about. Well, it has to do with BASICs and such. Here is … Read more

Compliance Safety Accountability

7 things you need to know about Compliance, Safety, Accountability

The CSA, or Compliance, Safety, Accountability, is a big deal in the trucking world. It’s all about safety and prioritizing which carriers need intervention. There’s a lot to learn about the CSA. It’s helpful to have an understanding of what the CSA does and what you should expect. Here are a few things you should … Read more

CVSA International Roadcheck

CVSA International Roadcheck continues

The CVSA had postponed their International Roadcheck because of the pandemic. However, they have rescheduled the International Roadcheck, and it’s going on now. It started on Sept. 9th and will continue through Sept. 11th. (Attention has been able to shift back to inspecting drivers and vehicles now that safety standards and Out of Service criteria.)

How to request a review of SMS data

If you’re a trucking business, you’re likely familiar with the Safety Measurement System (SMS) and the BASICs. But what if there’s some data in the SMS that needs to be changed? It could happen. There might be an occasion where you want to have SMS data reviewed. Fortunately, the FMCSA has a protocol for such … Read more

BASIC details

What’s on the BASIC details page?

There are a lot of things that are part of the trucking world might seem a little complicated and a little overwhelming. From all the acronyms to the forms to the data, there’s a lot to keep track of. And that includes the BASICs and the associated categories and percentiles. The BASICs and the SMS … Read more

Improving the SMS

How is the FMCSA improving the SMS?

The FMCSA is all about improving safety on the roads. They have different methods for upholding safety, and one of the those programs is the CSA’s Safety Measurement System. They want to direct their resources towards the highest-risk carriers. But the SMS is subject to change and improvements. So, the questions now are: how is … Read more

FMCSA Emergency Declaration 2

FMCSA extends Emergency Declaration

These days, everything feels topsy-turvy and up in the air. The pandemic situation changes what seems like every day. The FMCSA issued an Emergency Declaration for the trucking world, and they recently extended that Emergency Declaration. It was due to expire on August 14th, but it has now been extended through September 14th. (Of course, … Read more