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truck parking shortage

The Effects of the Truck Parking Shortage

Truckers have spent years and years complaining about the number of parking spaces available for trucks. Unfortunately, this dilemma is rather common among the nearly 4 million American truckers. Its become extremely challenging for truckers to find an authorized parking spot, especially in densely populated areas.

Although many trucking companies and organizations have advocated for more spaces available, they have yet to be successful. Moreover, the problem is only getting worse with time.

In this article, we’ll discuss the truck parking shortage happening now in the US. Also, we’ll touch on how its affecting the stress and safety of drivers.

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rising gas prices

The Impact of Rising Gas Prices on Truckers

The rising gas prices have affected the trucking industry tremendously. Also, let’s not forget that they’re still struggling with labor shortages and supply chain disruptions due to the ongoing pandemic.

This recent surge in fuel prices is costing fleets tens of thousands of dollars in just a matter of a week. Even when diesel prices increase by 5 cents truckers feel the impact, so imagine it going up a whole dollar. 

The CEO of Swint Logistics Group fears these costs will ultimately end up on the consumer. If you think about it, every product we use is transported by truck. If it’s costing more money to transport goods then the price for these items will climb.

In this article, we’ll discuss how trucking companies are being hit hard by the surging gas prices and how it’s impacting fleets’ overall costs.

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back up a tractor trailer

How to Safely Back Up a Tractor Trailer

While backing up a tractor-trailer may seem no different than any other vehicle, it’s not. It’s quite challenging due to the size and complexity of a commercial vehicle. A large number of truck drivers struggle with this task since it’s one of the hardest maneuvers.

Putting your tractor-trailer in reverse is one of the biggest causes of truck damage. A high number of claims filed in the trucking industry involve a driver backing up a tractor-trailer. Therefore, backing up a semi is a crucial skill and needs to be taken seriously!

In this article, we will give some suggestions on how to safely back up your big rig.

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reefer truck safety

6 Reefer Truck Safety Tips

Transporting perishable cargo requires extra care and consideration. Most of these products include: produce, frozen food, pharmaceuticals, meat, plants, etc. Therefore, to comply with FDA guidelines you’ll need a well-equipped reefer truck. A refrigerated truck can keep goods at their required temperature for the duration of the trip. Proper procedures and guidelines need to be followed to a tee.

Therefore, we have compiled some tips in this article for your guidance. These reefer truck safety tips will help you ensure that your perishable items are delivered to their designated location. Let’s begin.

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black semi truck on the interstate

How to Prevent Truck Rollovers

Unfortunately, truck rollovers are a common occurrence, with at least one taking place every day. Despite them being so dangerously common, they are avoidable. We will be discussing the three common misconceptions that people have about rollovers, the real causes, and how drivers can prevent them.

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the truck driver shortage is affecting the industry

Challenges in the Trucking Industry

The global pandemic and its effects have upended many industries. And the trucking industry is no exception. The global crisis has changed the livelihoods of many people involved in the industry. According to the American Transportation Research Institute, the current year is the most unpredictable and chaotic period for truckers in several decades.

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