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reefer truck safety

6 Reefer Truck Safety Tips

Transporting perishable cargo requires extra care and consideration. Most of these products include: produce, frozen food, pharmaceuticals, meat, plants, etc. Therefore, to comply with FDA guidelines you’ll need a well-equipped reefer truck. A refrigerated truck can keep goods at their required temperature for the duration of the trip. Proper procedures and guidelines need to be followed to a tee.

Therefore, we have compiled some tips in this article for your guidance. These tips will help you ensure that your perishable items are delivered to their designated location safely. Let’s begin.

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black semi truck on the interstate

How to Prevent Truck Rollovers

Unfortunately, truck rollovers are a common occurrence, with at least one taking place every day. Despite them being so dangerously common, they are avoidable. We will be discussing the three common misconceptions that people have about rollovers, the real causes, and how drivers can prevent them.

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the truck driver shortage is affecting the industry

Challenges in the Trucking Industry

The global pandemic and its effects have upended many industries. And the trucking industry is no exception. The global crisis has changed the livelihoods of many people involved in the industry. According to the American Transportation Research Institute, the current year is the most unpredictable and chaotic period for truckers in several decades.

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A semi truck covered by truck insurance backing into a loading dock.

How Much Will It Cost to Insure My Tractor Trailer?

A tractor-trailer is a combination of both a trailer and tractor that are connected by a fifth wheel hitch. In general, they’re used to transports heavy loads from one place to another. This type of truck has many names that can often confuse people.

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