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Questions to Ask Your Trucking Agent

When looking for truck insurance, it’s best to reach out to multiple insurance agencies so that you have various options to explore. This way, you can determine the best option for you and save a considerable amount of money on your insurance in the meantime.

When talking to a trucking insurance agent, there are several questions you should ask them to determine if they’re the best fit for you or not.

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box truck insurance

What Is Box Truck Insurance?

Box trucks are a game changer in the short-haul transportation industry. This is how it works, a box truck will pick up loads from warehouses, distributors, and depots and deliver them to their specified drop-off location.

Since these trucks typically haul expensive materials and equipment, they need to be adequately insured in case of an accident or collision. In the event of a loss, being underinsured can put you in a difficult situation where you end up in deep financial trouble.

Additionally, the insurance sector is regulated by the government and some form of liability coverage is required for transportation businesses. This is because truck drivers experience more risk due to the nature of the job and the size of their vehicle. Not to mention, it’s difficult navigating a commercial motor vehicle on congested highways with reckless drivers present.

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apply for operating authority

The Process of Applying for Operating Authority and DOT Numbers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires commercial drivers to apply for an identification number with the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) as well as an operating authority (MC number) in some cases.

To obtain your identification number via the USDOT, you must complete an online registration form at the FMCSA Unified Registration System (URS). You’ll have to access the URS directly since the FMCSA stopped accepting paper registrations for first-time applicants in December 2015. You won’t need to pay a fee to complete your registration.

In this article, we’ll discuss the process of applying for your MC number and DOT number. Let’s get started!

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box truck insurance

How Much Does Box Truck Insurance Cost?

Box truck insurance generally costs between $2,000 – $40,000 per power unit a year. It’s a huge range, we know, but we give that range without knowing any details about your business – your drivers, your location, your loss history, and so on.

In this article, we’ll discuss the general cost box truck insurance and the various factors that affect your rates. Let’s get started!

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bmc 91

What’s a BMC 91 Filing?

Like any other industry, trucking businesses are required to comply with state and federal insurance laws. The FMCSA oversees this sector and it’s a requirement for all motor carriers, broker authorities, and freight forwarders to have the necessary insurance in place before they can be issued operating authorities.

However, it’s important to note, different situations require different filings. Therefore, you must know what federal filings you need since each has a distinct purpose. The main factors that influence which truck insurance filings you need are the type of cargo you haul, what you drive, and your hauling radius.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of BMC-91 filings as well as the MCS-90, BMC-84, and BMC-34. Let’s get started.

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What’s Reefer Breakdown Coverage?

A typical reefer truck has a separate refrigerated unit you attach to the trailer or it has one built directly into the frame. Refrigeration units keep perishable goods at the correct temperature for the duration of the trip. If you routinely transport perishable goods, adding reefer breakdown coverage to your insurance policy can give you added protection and peace of mind.

Refrigerated goods need special coverage since they pose a higher risk than other types of cargo. We’ll highlight some of the risks of hauling refrigerated goods below as well as what to look for in an insurance policy.

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California Truck Insurance

California Truck Insurance Requirements

Every commercial motor vehicle on the road must have sufficient coverage in place. Apart from being a legal requirement, commercial auto insurance provides the insured parties with financial protection in the event of a covered loss. Commercial motor vehicles are massive investments, and as a truck driver, you’ll want to safeguard your asset.

If you’re a truck driver in California you’re probably on the hunt for the best coverage and rates. Especially as inflation continues to drive up the cost of goods around the world. As a business in the transportation industry, we understand the urge to cut back on expenses. However, now’s not the time to cut back on your insurance coverage. With a few simple tips, you can manage your insurance costs without breaking the bank.

In this article, we’ll discuss the FMCSA insurance requirements in California and the various factors that affect your rates. Let’s get started.

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Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance

Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Vehicles, whether leased, rented, or owned, are essential for a variety of tasks when running a business. Companies of all sizes rely on safe and functional vehicles to serve their customers and generate a profit, regardless of whether they’re transporting materials and tools to work sites, hauling goods for deliveries, or driving to meet clients.

It’s critical to protect your drivers and vehicles with adequate insurance coverage. As a result, many businesses turn to commercial auto insurance.

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Cheapest State for Commercial Truck Insurance

What’s the Cheapest State for Commercial Truck Insurance?

Truck insurance is the best way to ensure that your business is protected and can operate free of worry. It can be fairly dangerous for truck drivers these days as accidents and cargo thefts become more prevalent. However, commercial truck insurance is not cheap by any means. This expense can cost truckers tens of thousands of dollars in some cases.

Thus, fleet owners and independent drivers need to weigh their options when purchasing truck insurance.

Your business’s location plays a major factor in the rates you’ll be paying yearly. Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss the cheapest states for commercial truck insurance and ways to manage this expense. Let’s get started.

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