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Safety Closures on I-70 in Colorado

Now that sun glare season has begun, truckers and other drivers in Colorado need to be careful while driving along I-70 early in the morning. To tackle the dangers of sun glare season, authorities are taking strict measures. In recent weeks, The CDOT has issued early morning safety closures whenever they deem the sun glare as too dangerous for drivers.

In this article, we further discuss the safety closures, offer detours, and provide tips to remain safe.

Why Are There Safety Closures on I-70 in Colorado?

Authorities have declared that extreme sun glare can pose dangerous driving conditions along I-70 in Colorado. Sun glare season lasts from November to February. It will mainly affect those driving eastbound on I-70 towards Floyd Hill early in the morning. When you combine the sun’s glare with the driving conditions in the mountains, it can become too dangerous for drivers.

Since winter is near, days are becoming shorter, and the sun rises later. Therefore, the sun glare occurs during sunrise and lasts till around 8:30 in the morning. So, if closures occur they typically last 45 minutes.

In addition, several other factors make the I-70 route even more dangerous. There are steep hills, extensive wildlife, and sharp turns, which collectively results in unpredictable scenarios for all drivers on this route. Therefore, the sun glare, snow, and mountainous routes don’t make a good combination.

To inform you of any closures or potential hazards, electronic signs will be posted before Floyd Hill. Since the alert system is working so well, drivers in Colorado are finding it easy to adjust their routes and travel according to the latest detours.

Detours Due to Safety Closures on I-70

Those heading east on I-70 will reroute to Exit 244 near the bottom of Floyd Hill. Afterwards, drivers can stay on that route or they can take US 40 to get back on I-70 at exit 248 near Beaver Brook.

A fair warning to truckers, there’s height restrictions on US 6 Clear Creek Canyon due to tunnels. If your truck is taller than 12 feet and 7 inches, you can’t travel this route.

Sun Glare Driving Tips

  • Keep a pair of sunglasses on you
  • Make sure your windshield is clean
  • If you plan to travel between sunrise and 8:30 on I-70, you may want to avoid the Floyd Hill area if you can
  • Prepare for traffic slow downs in the area around that time
  • Get updates on COtrip.org 

The Bottom Line

Safety should be top priority; therefore, the closures on I-70 in Colorado are a result of safety measures put in place by CDOT. You should adhere to the tips above and follow the detour routes when necessary.



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