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CDL Holders Can Earn up to $200 an Hour as a Snow Plow Driver in MA

Did you know that there are no specific educational requirements to become a snow plow driver? All you need is a commercial driver’s license.

The real news is that snow plowing wages in Massachusetts are skyrocketing where different cities are offering varying rates. The average per hour rate is somewhere around $86-$200 across Massachusetts.

Luckily for you, if you possess a CDL or have your own vehicle, you can earn significantly higher rates. Here’s what you need to know.

The Reasons behind the Rise in per Hour Earnings for Snow Plow Drivers

In a nutshell, the per hour wage for plowing snow in Massachusetts has skyrocketed. This is because winter is nearing, and the state is having a difficult time finding snow plow drivers. Due to the lack of available drivers, many roads in Massachusetts went unplowed last winter.

The high number of driver vacancies is becoming a major concern in the state. Last winter season the shortage of snow plow drivers led to the closure of some of the most important routes and commercial lanes. The incident ended up disrupting school progress and business activities in many areas. Hence, it’s quite obvious why some of the towns in Massachusetts don’t want a reoccurrence of last year’s events.

Although the state is offering an hourly rate of $30 to those who drive state-owned vehicles, if you have your own equipment or possess a CDL you can make close t0 $200 an hour. For example, in Watertown you can make $200 or more if you hold a CDL. Contract drivers can make around $75 to $180 an hour in Lowell and Worcester. Lastly, in Sandwich if you provide your own equipment, you can make around $95 to $135 an hour.

Wrapping Up

If you’re a CDL holder or have your own snow plow equipment, you have a great opportunity to earn big during the winter months in Massachusetts. By earning nearly $200 per hour on snow plowing jobs in the state, you can experience a massive boost in your income.



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