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Yokohama Launches 2 New Commercial Tires

Recently, Yokohama Tire expanded their commercial lineup to include two new products. The renowned company launched the 124R and 505C tires, which are available all across the U.S. Moreover, both tires meet the standards and performance criteria for driving in severe snow conditions.

Whether you’re a trucker or own a fleet, learning about Yokohama’s new commercial tire selection is a must.

124R Tires – What Are the Benefits?

The 124R tires, for instance, have the ability to keep delivery fleets and regional pickups moving all year round, according to Senior Manager of Yokohama, Tom Clauer.

The all-season tires come in nine different sizes that range from 17.5 to 22.5 inches. The 124R tire in particular provides lasting value with longer tread life and better yearly performance.

Year-Round Traction

Deep sipes in the 124R tires deliver outstanding traction in the rain and snow. Moreover, the 4 wavy circumferential grooves in the tires provide protection in wet and snowy conditions. Their optimal performance and tread allows them to carry the severe snow service designation.

Rock Solid

The 124R has a fantastic rock shield platform that reduces debris and stone penetration to provide better casing life, retreadability, and durability.

Extended Tread Life

The 124R comes with an extra-wide tread that improves the dispersal of contact pressure while driving along the road. This feature should provide longer tread life and enhanced stability.

505C Tires – What Are the Benefits?

Yokohama engineered 505C tires to keep trucks operating both on and off the highway. The tires are also available in three different sizes.

The 505C’s are durable and built to last, which can allow fleets to ultimately increase their profits.

Long Tread Life

The tires have a new tread pattern that increase’s their traction. They also have a unique anti-chip tread compound that promotes durability both on and off the highway.

All-Weather Grip

It’s wide ribs and blocks provides remarkable traction in both snow and mud. The wide circumferential grooves help by removing water from beneath the treads to allow for optimal breaking.  Yokohama added this feature to deliver extra wet traction.

Built to Last

Funnel-shaped grooves do an excellent job at preventing damage to the casing from debris and stone.

Summing Up

All in all, Yokohama’s newly launched tires are all the rage due to their excellent durability and traction capabilities through all weather conditions.



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