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5 Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers

With the number of cars on highways increasing, the Federal Motor Safety Administration stresses using safe driving tips and techniques. According to Meera Joshi- Deputy Commissioner FMCSA, trucks and heavy vehicles are essential. They play an important role in keeping stores supplied with food and medicines and transporting people safely to their destinations.

However, driving a big rig on the highway can be dangerous in many ways. Therefore, you have to be skilled to ensure that you are properly aware of all the tips and tricks of driving large trucks. You have to be vigilant while you are on the road. As a commercial driver, you’re responsible to operate courteously and safely while obeying traffic signage and speed.

Hence, you should drive with full attention and be fully compliant with state and federal rules. Mentioned below are some of the ways you can keep yourself safe if you’re a commercial driver.

Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers

Be Attentive for Distracted Drivers and Road Conditions

As a truck driver, it’s important to keep an eye on what’s happening around you. You should look at all sides of the big rig you’re driving. A tip to drive on the highway is to plan an “escape route,” when you sense heavy traffic ahead.

It is important to identify who is in front of you, behind you, or beside you to avoid issues. This way, you can plan how you’ll respond in case of a mishap.

Checkout the Place You’re Headed Beforehand

Out of the various safety driving tips, this is very crucial. Yet, truckers tend to avoid it the most. Make sure you check the place before the time of delivery. This is because you’ll be aware of your surroundings. The most important factors to check are safe parking, and check if there is enough space for your big rig to move freely.

This ensures a hassle-free journey. Do not take the truck to places where there is less space for it to move. Docking facilities are especially not suitable for big rigs. Create a mental picture so that you don’t face the risk of an accident.

Maintain a Safe Speed

It’s important to be extra cautious at night, especially in situations that are difficult to maneuver. In many cases, truck drivers ignore stops. This can potentially lead to huge losses. Moreover, you should take extra care, while moving slowly and cautiously.


Here we are not talking about the normal GPS. A trucker’s GPS is specially designed which gives them the signs where to go and where not to. It contains information regarding which exits to take, traffic reports, and when to change lanes. They are expensive, but it is a one-time cost and is extremely beneficial nowadays.

Stay Clear Minded and Sharp

When driving a big vehicle, it’s your responsibility to check everything perfectly. It’s very risky to drive a truck when tired. Therefore, you should stop and stretch at regular intervals. This will help you stay active so you can solve any issues faced during the journey.


Make sure you follow all these safety tips during your delivery. Ignoring these can put other peoples’ lives at risk, so be very vigilant!

Also, maintaining a good driving record will have a positive effect on your insurance. Truck insurance can be ridiculously expensive; therefore, you should try to reduce your premiums in anyway that you can.


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