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Brake Safety Week is August 22nd-28th

The US’s commercial motor vehicle authorities placed more than 1,151 vehicles out of service due to rule violations. During a one-day inspection in May, 8,658 trucks were evaluated according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. They had a similar inspection in Mexico and Canada. The authorities inspected more than 10,091 vehicles and found 1,273 out of service; particularly for brake-related breaches.

The safety alliance announces the dates for brake safety week each year publicly in advance. This year’s break safety week will take place August 22nd to the 28th. 

What is Brake Safety Week?

Brake safety week is typically a part of the operation airbrake program launched by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. The CVSA initiates the program with the collaboration of;

Jurisdiction devotes a whole week to conduct commercial motor vehicle assessments and inspections. It also works to identify brake violations and remove vehicles with out-of-service brake violations because:

  • Brake adjustment and brake violations accounted for the largest percentage of violations compared to any other category. Typically, it accounts for 38.6 percent of out-of-service conditions in the three-day enforcement initiative and the International Roadcheck inspection.
  • According to FMCSA’s latest “Large Truck Crash Facts” report, the brake system was one of the most cited car-related factors in dangerous commercial vehicle crashes.
  • Brake-related violations are the eighth-most breached vehicle violation in 2020.
  • During Brake Safety Week in 2020, 12 percent of the 43,565 brake systems were placed out-of-service for violations.

Brake Inspection Week – What Does it Include?

Keep in mind that inspectors pay special attention to tubing and brake hoses. If you have been driving for a long time, you’re likely to understand your vehicle’s brake issues. If you just started driving lately, learn to identify the problems. You need to ensure that they are undamaged, properly attached, free of corrosion, leaks, and appropriately flexible.

Moreover, the inspection further includes some air brakes tests with a performance-based brake tester and some visual checks. Both assessments are performance-based and gauge the brake force at each wheel. The measurement determines the performance and efficacy of the braking system.

If the efficiency of the braking system stays around 43.5 percent, the inspectors don’t consider the vehicle out of service.

Summing Up

Recent research indicates that an announced enforcement campaign ahead of time can improve overall compliance. CVSA’s Brake Safety Week serves as brake safety awareness for people.

Many law enforcement agencies work to educate vehicle drivers, mechanics, motor carriers, and owner-operators through outreach, and awareness campaigns. They focus on the significance of brake maintenance performance and operation.


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