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5 Tips for Driving in Rush Hour Traffic

Rush hour traffic can be incredibly annoying, even more so if you drive a commercial motor vehicle. This can include anything from delivery trucks, tow trucks, semis, mail trucks, etc. While there isn’t much you can do about the traffic itself, there are ways to avoid it. However, if this isn’t possible, we have some tips that can keep you and the drivers around you safe. Let’s begin.

5 Tips for Driving in Rush Hour Traffic

The following are some things to consider if you have to drive your CMV during rush hour traffic.

Plan Your Schedule around It

The best way to deal with traffic is not to face it at all. The prime time for rush hour is between the hours of 6-10 am and 3-7 pm. Therefore, it’s wise to plan your trip accordingly. You must get familiar with the area and make your travel plans in advance. There may even be alternate routes available that won’t have you traveling on the highway.

You could also plan to take your breaks during rush hour and continue once the traffic disperses.

Monitor Your CB Radio and Navigation Devices

Life is much easier for commercial motor vehicle drivers thanks to technology. These drivers can now review their route, traffic density, weather conditions, and much more through their mobile devices. Also, with the help of a CB radio, you can communicate with other truckers who can update you on the traffic nearby.

However, you must stay vigilant and avoid messing with your mobile device while you’re on the road. It’s not only a violation but can endanger your life and the ones around you. If necessary, pull over or get off at an exit to adjust your navigation system.

Allow Yourself Extra Time

One of the main reasons you may get more annoyed with rush hour traffic is because you’re already running late. However, you should avoid letting your emotions overcome you since this can lead to making poor driving decisions.

You should allow yourself enough time and consider possible traffic when you’re planning your route. This way, you can deliver your goods on time, even if you run into traffic on the way.

Watch Out for Other Drivers

You should always keep in mind that you’re not the only one on the road. Therefore, you should keep an eye out for aggressive drivers who may be making poor decisions. For example, say the car in front of you is speeding up so they can squeeze over into the next lane but fail to do so. As a result, you may have to slam on your breaks to avoid hitting them. Therefore, it’s best to stay calm and keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Prioritize Your Safety

We understand that running late due to rush hour traffic may cause you to speed and become frustrated. However, it’s better to arrive late than risk your safety. Therefore, always follow the posted speed limit, even if it means running a little late for your deliveries.

Bottom Line

Rush hour traffic can be a pain considering commercial drivers are on a strict schedule. However, prioritizing your safety, considering other drivers on the road, allowing yourself extra time, planning your trips in advance, and using navigation tools is a great way to deal with rush hour traffic.



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