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When’s the CVSA’s 2022 International Roadcheck?

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck is scheduled for May 17-19, 2022. The International Roadcheck is an annual, three-day enforcement initiative that emphasizes the importance of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) and driver safety through a blitz of high-visibility roadside inspections across North America.

This enforcement program is the largest in the world. In fact, an average of 15 commercial vehicles are checked every minute during this 3-day event. Typically, these inspections are conducted at temporary sites, weigh and inspection stations, and on roving patrols.

CVSA’s 2021 International Roadcheck Results

During the 2021 International Roadcheck, inspectors conducted 40,669 CMV inspections. Following these inspections, 6,710 vehicles were removed from the road and 2,080 drivers were placed out of service due to violations.

What’s the Inspection Process Like?

During this year’s event, an influx of CVSA-certified professionals will take to the roads to conduct the following North American Standard (NAS) inspections on vehicles:

  • Level I inspections consist of 37 steps, including an examination of CMVs’ mechanical fitness and drivers’ operating requirements. This is the most common type of inspection during the event.
  • Level II inspections generally include everything that can be checked without physically getting under vehicles.
  • Level III inspections entail a review of various driver requirements, such as a commercial driver’s license, vehicle documentation, cargo, and a record of duty status.
  • Level V inspections are equivalent to Level I NAS inspections, except that the drivers are not present. These inspections normally occur after incidents or arrests.

2022 Focus

The CVSA also establishes a specific emphasis each year for inspections, and this year’s focus is on the wheel end components of CMVs. These components help support CMVs’ stability and control. Furthermore, such components are essential for braking when hauling heavy loads.

It’s worth noting that one-quarter of vehicle out-of-service violations discovered during International Roadchecks in past years were due to wheel end components. The CVSA stated that past inspection data shows wheel end component violations are normally among the top 10 violations found.

Per this year’s emphasis, each inspection will ensure that vehicles’ wheel end components are in adequate condition. In addition, these inspections will include a review of drivers’ documentation and credentials.

Don’t let your organization become another statistic during this year’s event. For more commercial driving resources and insurance solutions, contact us today.


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