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box truck financing

Box Truck Financing: A Comprehensive Guide with Pro Tips for Drivers

When it comes to the world of box trucks, it’s both about how you get your truck and how you drive it. If you’re thinking of diving into the logistics or moving business, or simply want to expand, understanding the nuts and bolts of box truck financing can be your key to success. And once you’re on the road? Well, every driver has a story, and I’m here to ensure yours is a smooth one.

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driver csa score

Preventive Measures to Keep Your Driver CSA Score Low

The CSA score is a critical measurement for every truck driver and trucking company in the United States. It’s a crucial element of the FMCSA safety program, which seeks to reduce commercial motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

The CSA score provides a data-driven, proactive approach to improving the safety of our nation’s roadways. It uses a scoring system to assess the safety performance of every driver and carrier in the country. Every inspection, traffic violation, or crash reported by state law enforcement gets translated into CSA scores.

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dump truck business plan

Crafting a Successful Dump Truck Business Plan

Embarking on a new business venture is a thrilling journey, filled with countless opportunities. The dump truck industry is one such promising field, proving to be a profitable choice for many. This blog will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to devise a successful dump truck business plan, along with valuable tips to set you on the path to success.

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what is bobtail in trucking

What Is Bobtail Trucking and Why It’s a Dangerous Practice?

In the transportation industry, bobtail trucking refers to the practice of driving a tractor without a trailer attached. When a driver drops off a load but has yet to pick up another, this is a regular practice. Bobtailing is unfavorable for trucking businesses since they lose money on empty trucks, and it can also be extremely risky.

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dead head trucking

The Dangers of Dead Head Trucking

In the transportation industry, dead head trucking is the act of driving a truck with an empty trailer. This can happen frequently when a truck driver transports a load from one place to another and leaves empty-handed. However, dead head miles be costly for transportation businesses and an inefficient use of resources.

In this post, we’ll also go through the safety risks of dead head trucking and why having proper truck insurance is critical in instances like these. We’ll also give you some pointers on how to cut down on dead head mileage altogether.

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commercial truck backup camera

Why Every Commercial Truck Needs a Backup Camera

Commercial trucks are an important aspect of the transportation sector and contribute greatly to the worldwide economy. These trucks are tasked with transporting valuable goods across the country, thus their safety is critical. The backup camera is an important safety feature that has become essential in recent years.

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transportation cyber attacks

How to Protect Your Transportation Company from Cyber Attacks

Since they play a key role in the global supply chain, various motor carriers across the US have recently been victims of cyber attacks. Unfortunately, the potential for hackers to steal your information is increasing as technology continues to develop.

According to IT experts, many transportation businesses aren’t taking the essential preventative steps to stop cyber attacks from occurring. Organizations frequently ignore the threat until it’s too late and they become victims of ransomware attacks.

Due to recent high-profile cyber attacks on the transportation sector and other essential infrastructure elements, fleet operators are now more aware of the need for cyber security readiness and have given it a higher internal priority.

Let’s talk about the various methods that a transportation company might use to reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

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transportation risks

Mitigating Transportation Risks

Mitigating transportation risks should be an integral part of running your business. And Truck Insurance Quotes can help. The structure of your risk management program should look to the endgame – your price.

To reach that goal, we help you to do the following:

  • Get you three free truck insurance quotes
  • Analyze your exposures
  • Implement control measures to those exposures
  • Determine risk transfer or financing options
  • Manage current and future exposures

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