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dataq request

What’s a DataQ Request?

As a motor carrier, it’s crucial you know how to manage inspection reports and violations. After all, the goal of every trucking business is to protect their CSA score. Therefore, if you wish to challenge a violation, you’ll want to submit a DataQ request.

In this article, we’ll explain the benefit of DataQ requests when it comes to inspections, accidents, and other driving violations. Also, we’ll share how to properly submit your request. Let’s begin.

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driver qualification violations

The Top Driver Qualification Violations

As a motor carrier, you’re responsible for maintaining up-to-date files on all your drivers and implementing stringent procedures. Still, many trucking businesses find it challenging to manage the FMCSA requirements, leading to confusion, hefty fines, and penalties.

This problem is primarily due to clerical error, oversight, the driver withholding the information, or they aren’t aware of current FMCSA requirements. Unfortunately, failing to stay up-to-date on your driver qualification files (DQF) directly impacts your fleet’s safety rating. 

Therefore, keeping complete DQFs can help you avoid common driver qualification violations. Here we’ll discuss the top four driver qualification violations and how to avoid them.

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top 5 load boards

Top 5 Load Boards for Truckers

If you’re a trucker, you might start your day by checking for loads online. Most owners, operators, or drivers have a limited budget and search for load boards that are easily accessible and affordable. However, finding the ones that generate well-paid loads consistently is often challenging and overwhelming, with tons of online options.

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