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How to Be a Safety Mentor in the Transportation Business

A hardworking person can have a powerful influence on their team, especially when they’re working with someone new to the company or the trucking sector altogether. As the coworker of a new employee, consider yourself the most important role model during their first few weeks. Your attitude and your respect for company policies and safety procedures could greatly impact their overall performance!

The significance of serving as a safety mentor in your transportation business will be discussed in this piece. Let’s get started!

How to Be a Mentor for Safety in the Transportation Industry

As a truck driver, you know that the transportation workplace is full of potential hazards. Your motor carriers have stressed the importance of doing your job the safe way, and they’ve given you a wealth of knowledge about the risks of the job and ways to stay safe. When you’re working around others, especially if they’re new to our workplace, it’s your turn to share that knowledge to protect them and yourself.

It may take a while for new employees to adjust and feel like they fit in on the job. Those that have never held a job in the transportation sector or were employed by a company with a weak safety program will need considerable safety instruction and leadership. While managers will attempt to train them in workplace safety as thoroughly as possible, new employees will naturally look to you for advice and information. Their early impressions of the way you value safety will set the stage for their future work habits.

The Importance of Safety in Transportation

In this important transition time, your actions will speak louder than your words. If you’re careless when operating commercial motor vehicles, for instance, you demonstrate to a new employee that safety isn’t important. If you fail to use your personal protective equipment in hazardous situations you’re ultimately putting new employees that are learning from and imitating you in danger.

On the other hand, some new employees may come from companies that emphasize safety just as much as yours does. In that case, their respect for you will grow when they see that you care about workplace safety just as much as they do.

You’re aware that debilitating accidents are a reality in the transportation business. As a safety mentor, be sure that your new co-workers are aware of the danger, too. Doing so will keep everyone else out of the road with you safe.

Think again of that co-worker that has inspired you, and do your best to keep them in mind when you’re working with new employees. Everyone will be safer when you make a good impression on a new employee, so do your part!

Bottom Line

Safety should be of utmost importance in your transportation business. Not only does it keep unfit drivers off the road, but it also keeps your truck insurance costs low. Our team of experts would be happy to help you with that. We can help you get the best coverage at the lowest possible rate so you can save money on your truck insurance. All you have to do is fill out our online quote form or call us today to receive 3 free truck insurance quotes. Then we’ll shop your rates, go over your quotes, and help you create a customized insurance plan. And of course, we’ll be here to help with any of your insurance needs!

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