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What to Do Following a Truck Accident

The first few hours following a truck accident are crucial for the motor carrier. Whether an accident was serious or just a fender bender, the situation requires immediate attention. In fact, taking appropriate action at that time can determine the case’s fate and whether it will go to trial or result in a settlement.

For instance, if the truck driver is involved or responsible for the crash, it’s crucial that they know who to call. The first call from the scene of the accident should be to the safety officer, company’s dispatcher, or an employee who knows what to do.

If you’re a trucker or own a fleet, following the correct process after a truck accident is important for the legal outcome.

What Carriers Should Do Following a Truck Accident

It’s suggested that carriers provide their drivers with the contact information of who to call following a truck accident. This step is essential since most drivers in these situations get scared or overwhelmed. More so, if the crash causes fatalities or injuries, it becomes even more traumatic for the parties involved.

When the driver calls a safety officer from the scene, they should be speaking to a trained professional who can systematically guide them in dealing with the situation. One misstep can set the whole process back, which can be quite a headache.

In several cases, particularly crashes with fatalities or injuries, the safety director will send an attorney to visit the crash site immediately.

Some drivers may be in shock or be overwhelmed so they understate the severity of the accident. That’s why an attorney making a visit to the site is important. Sometimes an outsider’s perspective is necessary in these situations.

Steps to Take Following an Accident

Train Drivers for Emergency Situations

Typically, attorneys and insurance companies agree on the following steps to take in the event of a truck accident.

In the event of an accident, truck drivers should;

  • Remain professional and calm
  • Keep the vehicles in place
  • Notify their company
  • Putting out reflectors
  • Secure the scene
  • Call 911
  • Follow federal regulations
  • Get witness information
  • Take pictures

Summing Up

In conclusion, drivers and carriers should know what steps to follow in the event of an accident. This article includes valuable details to protect drivers and their companies from legal repercussions.