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The Best Tunes to Listen to on the Road (Trucker Edition)

Just as a dessert complements a delicious meal, melodious trucking tunes are the best partner when you’re out on the road. They can turn your trucking experience into an amazing journey.

Whether you haul heavy loads in the scorching heat or deliver letters in the freezing temperature, you need motivation, inspiration, and of course, something to elate your mood. Here’s a great idea: listen to some great songs while driving.

We say this because there is no way music will fail to cheer you up. Driving songs are almost like “talking telling” that don’t let you give up and keep you GOING!

In short, listening to your favorite songs while driving your wheeler feels like taking a sip of your favorite coffee. From keeping you awake to reducing your stress and fatigue, a good playlist of trucking songs can do it all.

Here is a rundown of some amazing tunes you can listen to on the road. So relax, sit back, and drive down with these fantastic tunes.

Best tunes you can listen to on the road

Eighteen Wheels– Kathy Mattea

The song is from the album Untasted Honey, sung by Kathy Mattea. The popular singer released the rocking song in 1987.

It is, without a doubt, a beautiful trucking song penned down by Gene and Paul Nelson. The song narrates the story of the man Charlie who’s been a truck driver for 30 years and is now going home to meet his wife. The song sparks your imagination to the last run of a man who is madly in love with his wife.

Roll on 18 Wheeler – Alabama

Roll on 18 Wheeler” came out in 1984 by Alabama. The track is extremely lively and elevates your truck-driving spirit. It is fun and has an innocent feel to it. Dave Loggins, the song’s lyricist, did an amazing job in expressing how it feels to be a father driving for hours to feed his family.

The White Knights

After the immense success of the track “White Knight,” the band behind it made a full album that can capitalize on the craze CB was getting. The album has a song with the title “CB Lingo Dictionary.” Some tracks on the album include:

  • CB rock
  • Kentucky Moonrunner
  • CB 76
  • Who We Got in the End
  • Mercy Day
  • Jaw Jacking

The coolest thing about the album is that all the songs are made from the perspective of narrators who used talk on the CB radio.

Truckers Juke Box

This is another wonderful album that includes an exceptional collection of beautiful and classic trucking songs from the past. The most popular trucking songs this album features are:

  • Truck Driving Man
  • East Bound and Down
  • Roll On Big Mama
  • I’m a Truck
  • Look at the World Through a Windshield

Summing Up

In a nutshell, these trucking songs and albums explore a range of amazing themes. Whether it is about carrying your love for trucks or falling for someone, the songs touch the soul and make driving fun.

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