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Looking ahead: Trucking trends coming your way in 2019

From concerns about the shortage of qualified drivers (which will continue to grow as Baby Boomers retire) to the continued development of autonomous vehicle technology, 2019 is all about technology and people. What can you expect to hear about in the year to come – and which trucking trends will directly impact your business? A few of the most prevalent are outlined below.

2019 Trucking Trends

Worries about driver shortages.

Is it getting tough to find great drivers? You’re not alone – professionals predict the hiring crunch will continue. The truck driver shortage stems from an increase in demand. More consumer goods are delivered by truck than ever before. There is also a demographics issue at play; drivers that are Baby Boomers are eyeing retirement and leaving the road, but not enough younger drivers are available to replace them. Expect to experience some impact first hand and to focus on retaining the drivers you have – and make plans to cultivate new ones. Expect to pay more for seasoned drivers and to begin to see an influx of younger drivers behind the wheel.

News about autonomous driving.

From Tesla to GM and even Caterpillar, brands are getting onboard for autonomous driving. While this field of technology is still emerging, expect to read all about it in 2019 among other trucking trends. With the goal of increasing speed and efficiency while enhancing safety and easing the driver shortage, brands are racing to the finish line to develop technology that gets a driverless or nearly driverless truck on the road.

The most explored model for autonomous trucks is the platoon style version – a pod of 5 or more trucks supervised by a team and designed to travel together over long highway distances. You may not see these on the road just yet, but expect to hear how this technology is expanding and developing in 2019.

ELD adoption and use.

With more brands using ELDs than ever before, the data collected as a group could be a powerful source of information for the industry as a whole. While most installed this technology simply for compliance reasons, the collected data yields powerful insights. As we begin to receive and actually evaluate the details available with ELDs, logistics and planning can be based on real data, not guesswork.

Better perks and salary for drivers.

That driver shortage may pay off for drivers, who will benefit from being in demand – from higher wages to better healthcare and schedules. When companies compete to try to get the best drivers, those employees and contractors win. Expect drivers to gain better conditions, better work/life balance and for brands to focus on keeping their employees happy for retention purposes this year.

From an increased focus on driver satisfaction to more comprehensive data and technology, 2019 should be a good year for both drivers and brands, if the current trends continue to develop as expected. It’s time to get your trucking business ready for 2019.

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