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4 tips for selecting the best long-haul truck drivers

If you are a fleet owner, then you probably know that there is a truck driver shortage. You might try to solve this issue by lowering your hiring standards or using quick or aggressive recruitment strategies. However, this strategy will likely lead to poor driver retention.

Truckers need to have certain characteristics and skills. Long-haul truck drivers who are not cut out for the job cost you both in terms of time and money. If you hire truckers without the right personality traits and characteristics, you’ll end up with high turnover. Poor employee retention can cripple your business. You lose money every day that a truck sits idle.

You must slow down and carefully evaluate each driver to ensure that they have what it takes to drive. Truck driving is not a job for everyone. Not every applicant can handle the responsibility to hauling expensive cargo over long distances. There are many drivers out there. So, how do you find the best ones for your fleet? Fortunately, it is not too difficult, when you look for the right things. The best drivers all share certain commonalities. Here are tips for finding the best drivers.

Tips for choosing long-haul truck drivers

#1 Choose the most reliable employees.

Deadlines and schedules are important when it comes to trucking. Great drivers are reliable. They do what they say when they say they will do it. How do you find reliable truck drivers? The most important way to find out if they are reliable is to look at their job history. Talk to previous employers.

Also, take note of their behavior when scheduling the interview. Did they follow up to confirm the time and date? Did they show up on time for the interview? Did they have to reschedule? Things like sickness and car problems do happen. Did they cancel for a valid reason? How they canceled can be just as important as why. Did they notify you by phone or email in a timely fashion? If they canceled at the last minute, then they will probably do the same when driving for you.

#2 Hire only safe drivers.

Excellent long-haul truck drivers have excellent driving records. You should expect nothing less when hiring a driver for your fleet. When you hire a safe driver, you can rest assured that your cargo is in safe hands. Safe drivers also help keep the cost of maintaining your fleet down. They cost less to insure because drivers with clean records are seen as being less likely to get into an accident. Plus, they treat the trucks with respect when driving.

#3 Make sure they are available.

Long-haul truck drivers must be on the road for long periods of time. Is the applicant flexible with their time? Are they available for considerable amounts of time? If they have another job, you might want to carefully consider whether or not they will be right for your company. Also, are they physically able to handle working long hours on the road?

#4 Test their attentiveness.

There is a strong correlation between drivers’ ability to pay attention and operator error. So, consider administering a test that measures applicants’ ability to sustain focus and concentration while avoiding distractions. These types of tests can help predict applicants’ success in positions like truck driving.

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