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How Does Trucker Pollution Liability Insurance Protect You?

Who is responsible when a semi-truck crashes and spills hundreds of gallons of toxic material near a salmon stream? That exact scenario happened in Anchorage, Alaska recently, and the driver was just sentenced to jail time for oil polluting after he crashed an oil tanker into a snowbank. The driver spilled more than 2,800 gallons of diesel fuel near the tributary of a Salmon stream.

Incidents like the above one show just how crucial it is for drivers to have pollution liability insurance. Transportation pollution liability insurance helps address environmental damages caused by an accident. Read on to learn more about pollution liability insurance and why you may need it.

What Is Trucker Pollution Liability Insurance?

Trucker pollution liability insurance can cover claims and lawsuits that arise from pollution by an individual or business. Let’s say you are carrying sulfur and have an accident. Imagine the sulfur spilling all over the roadway and other vehicles. Pollution liability insurance could cover you from loses related to this incident.

When hazardous materials spill all over roadways, run into water supplies or damages other vehicles, the costs can be astronomical. These types of crashes can cause explosions, fires, and release of toxic gases. Imagine the costs of cleanup without insurance. Cleaning up the environment can get extremely expensive very quickly, so it’s essential that you have the right coverage to protect your business.

Do You Need Trucker Pollution Liability Insurance?

So, how do you know if you need pollution liability insurance? If you or your employees regularly handle or transport hazardous materials or pollutants, then you should have this coverage. If you haul or transport the following types of material, then you might need trucker pollution liability insurance.

  • Paint
  • Fertilizers
  • Adhesives
  • Cleaning products or compounds
  • Combustible Gases
  • Petroleum Products
  • Propane

What Trucker Pollution Liability Insurance Covers

The exact coverage varies depending on your particular insurance policy. It can cover losses that stem from pollution spills and similar incidents for both the individual and business being covered and for others (3rd parties). It’s really important that you read the policy carefully and ask any questions you have so that you know what is and is not covered under your pollution insurance policy. Be aware of exactly what the policy will and will not do and how it will protect your business. Are you covered for all the risks you face? Get clarification on anything you are unclear about.

Do You Have Questions About Pollution Liability Insurance?

Do you have other questions about pollution liability insurance or are not sure if you need this type of coverage? If so, then contact us today to find out more information about how pollution liability insurance can protect you. Get started with your quotes by filling out our quote form or giving us a call today. We can help you get the truck insurance you need to protect your business. Our team would be happy to discuss your business and your insurance needs with you, and we like to make insurance easy. It’s one of our major goals.