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What kind of insurance do you need for a catering van?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a special flair for cooking? If so, then you might be thinking about starting a catering business. There are many options when it comes to a catering business. You might cater weddings, operate a food truck or work at family reunions. No matter what kind of catering niche you choose, you need to make sure that you have the right insurance for your catering van.

From injuries to accidents, using a catering van for your business comes with many risks. However, if you are a caterer, you know that having a van is essential. If you don’t have a way to get food to customers, you have no business.

Commercial van insurance can protect your business in the event of an accident or incident. It covers things like damage to other vehicles, medical expenses, and more. Here is a closer look at catering van insurance coverages

Insurance coverages for catering vans.

Auto liability

Auto liability insurance provides basic coverage for damage to other people’s vehicles or property. Liability insurance is required by law if you operate a catering van. Liability consists of two types of coverage — property damage and bodily injury.

  • Property damage – This insurance pays for damages to other people’s property as a result of an accident involving your catering van. So, if you back into someone’s mailbox while you are catering an event, this insurance would pay for the damage to their mailbox.
  • Bodily injury – This coverage pays out for other people’s medical expenses. So, if you have a collision with another driver and they are injured, then this insurance would pay provided the accident was your fault.

Physical damage coverage

Physical damage insurance will help you get your catering van back on the road ASAP if it gets damaged or if you’re in an accident.

  • Collision – Collision insurance will pay for damage to your catering van in the event of a collision. With collision coverage, it doesn’t matter who is at fault. If there is an accident and your vehicle is damaged, collision insurance can cover the damages.
  • Comprehensive – This type of insurance pays out if your catering van is damaged by something other than an accident. So, if someone breaks into your van and steals your equipment, comprehensive will pay. Comprehensive insurance also pays for damage caused by natural events like tornados or hurricanes.

Other types of coverage

There are many other types of insurance that you may want to think about getting if you have a catering business. For example, rental reimbursement insurance is a good add-on coverage. It can enable you to keep business up and running after an accident.

How to find the cheapest catering van insurance.

No matter whether you’re just starting out, or you have been in the catering business for a long time, you probably want to save money on truck insurance. The best tip for finding the cheapest insurance is to shop around and compare rates. When you compare catering van insurance policies, you have a better chance of finding a good policy at a lower rate.

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