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Top 5 Load Boards for Truckers

If you’re a trucker, you might start your day by checking for loads online. Most owners, operators, or drivers have a limited budget and search for load boards that are easily accessible and affordable. However, finding the ones that generate well-paid loads consistently is often challenging and overwhelming, with tons of online options.

Moreover, when selecting a new load board, you must consider your budget and the key features that fit your needs the best.

Don’t fret if you have no idea how to go about it, as we have you covered here. Here we have enlisted some load boards so that you can make the best decision.

Best Load Boards for Truckers

1.      Freight Finder

Funded by ads, Freight Finder is one of the best free freight matching services. This load board offers real-time truck searching and load and has been in the market since 1998.  Some of its amazing features include;


  • 100 percent free searches of trucks and loads in real-time
  • Search by state or radius
  • Trucking links directory
  • Trucking job section


The features run under SSL/TLS protocols to keep truckers interaction to the website completely private.

2.      DAT Load Board

Like Freight Finder, the DAT solution is another tried and tested service that has been in business for a long time. Started in 1978 with Dial A Truck monitors, the board app can help you find the loads. You can also begin to bid as soon as you see them in your feed. It also filters the results according to your preferences.

It doesn’t end here; you can also use the heat map feature of this load board to check the locations for your truck’s high demand. DAT offers truckers two tiers to pick the perfect and ideal load board. With DAT, you can:

  • Know all-time market demands
  • Get the best routes

3.      Free Freight

Free freight Search is another internet-based load board that has more than 113,000 registered members and thousands of loads posted daily.

It offers unlimited and free real-time email alerts, load searching, and truck posting when a posted truck matches the location you have. Plus, it allows you to access freight bill factoring, fuel advances, credit reports, and more.

4.      Loadup

Loadup is an excellent and reliable load board service that is free when you register on their website.  The load board entitles you to have unlimited access to a variety of loads posted. In addition, you can deal with the broker or shipper directly (No auctions, bidding or commissions payable).


Some other top features include hauler or courier directory listing, free trucks and loads posting, and email alerts for new loads posted in your chosen areas.

5.      123 Load boards

With 123Loadboards, you get immense unique features, including fuel advances and broker credit checks.  You can check it on a 10-day trial before using the app on your phone or desktop.


Summing Up

All in all, start with these five services raging in the crowded digital and advanced load board market, which will help you make load boarding easy and fun.


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