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What is the MCS90?

You might have heard many definitions of MCS90 if you belong to the commercial trucking industry.  However, if you believe that the MCS90 endorsement can help you cover the compensation for the injuries, you’re mistaken. There is a lot of misunderstanding around MCS90 endorsement coverage that may mislead truckers or commercial trucking companies. Let’s dive into the details to clear the mist around MCS90 endorsement to help you understand what it is and what is not.

What is MCS90 Endorsement Coverage

Motor carriers are required to pay for the damages their fleet cause to any public property under the law. For instance, if your tanker runs off the street and spills 3,000 gallons oil on a nationally protected territory, you should know that the EPA expects you or the one who is responsible for the truck to pay for the clean-up.

Therefore, it is essential to understand that the MCS90 only offers protection to the public damaged property or territory by a motor carrier if there’s no coverage.  Many motor carriers often consider the MCS90 as an insurance type, which is not true.  MCS90, as mentioned earlier, is NOT insurance.

In fact, this endorsement is not associated with any authority. That means FMCSA doesn’t suspend or cancel authority if you do not have it or if the limit requirements on your policy. It is worth mentioning that the endorsement is attached to the policy. If a motor carrier doesn’t have MCS90, the authority may charge the fines but not annul the business rights.

What the MCS90 is not

Since you know now what MCS90 is, learn what it is NOT.

MCS90 is not a;

  • filing
  • insurance
  • bond

Note that MCS90, as an endorsement, only becomes involved when there is no insurance coverage in a claim.  Also, an insurer doesn’t need to offer defense if there’s no coverage. In fact, MCS90 is not related to any type of coverage, and a motor carrier can’t file it.

Many people are confused about the circumstances an insurer is required to pay for the damages. The MCS90 doesn’t work like a bond. We say this because when an insurance company cancels the MCS90, the endorsement attached to the policy is also considered inapplicable.

Tommy Ruke, the founder of MCIEF, explained in a recent interview that MCS90 isn’t any form of insurance. Ruke further clarified the false claims associated with the endorsement coverage and its reimbursements.

Who needs an MCS90 Endorsement?

“When do I need MC90 endorsement?” is another critical question many Motor carriers often ask.  The MCS90 endorsement requirement depends on three crucial criteria.

  • If you buy insurance via the standard market,
  • Whether drivers travel across the state,
  • Whether you deliver or transport dangerous or hazardous materials.

The minimum liability limit you can get in the MCS90 endorsement depends on the commodity type you transport.


Summing Up

All in all, understanding the MCS90 endorsement is imperative if you run a commercial trucking company. It is not insurance but an endorsement you get when there is no coverage for damaging public property.