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The I-40 Memphis Bridge Closure is a Trucker’s Worst Nightmare

Many truckers are trying to adjust their routes, and work schedule. In fact, many have refused to take routes through Memphis due to recent I-40 bridge closure. This route links Arkansas and Tennessee.

In a recent survey, many trucking businesses stated that they have lost their drivers, which adds to the issue of “driver shortage” in the trucking industry.  Remember that high driver turnover rate increases the chances of more insurance claims.

In addition, a claim activity makes you unprofitable for any insurance carrier. It also highlights how high turnover and driver shortage aggravates the problem. The longer a driver work with a company, the less likely they are to file a claim.

Therefore, the soaring rate of turnover has increased the chances of claims being filed in trucking companies. This is perhaps one of the reasons why many truckers struggle to keep their products moving amidst the shutdown.

The I-40 Memphis bridge has been important for truckers to cross the river. Keep on reading to find out how the closure of the Memphis bridge has affected truckers.

Impact of Memphis Bridge Closure on Truckers

Typically, there is traffic along I-55 for miles as it is the option truckers could take to cross over the Mississippi River into Tennessee. According to many truck drivers, dealing with huge traffic is a nightmare. Truckers only get paid by how many miles they drive, which doesn’t include sitting in traffic.

It is worth mentioning that the bridge spans across the Mississippi River, Arkansas, and Tennessee. It carries more than 40,000 vehicles every day. Unfortunately, the state government shut down the bridge for emergency repairs.

The closure has left drivers and truckers with only the I-55 interstate in the southern end of downtown. Moreover, the drivers have experienced major delays near exit 4 on I-55. Truckers, now have to wait an extra 45 minutes to get to the destination.

Reasons Behind the Closure

The state government has closed the I-40 bridge as a safety precaution as inspection teams found cracks during a routine check. Although the West Memphis police is on standby to offer help in directing traffic when required, it has turned out to be the worst nightmare for truckers and they are asking for on-road assistance such as live cameras and signage.

From traffic issues to late deliveries, they are facing all sorts of complications due to Memphis bridge closure.  Some drivers think their lives are at stake and hope that the closure ends by the end of this season. According to TDOT, the I-40 bridge may open in August but it may take more time.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, the I-40 bridge closure has made a huge impact on the lives of truckers. It has doubled their driving hours, affecting their ability to meet the deadlines.  Thus, the article elaborates on the impact of the I-40 Memphis bridge closure.


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