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The Georgia DDS Expands Commercial Vehicle Third Party Testing Locations

The Georgia DDS (Department of Driver Services) has been making constant attempts to solve driver shortage issues. Expansion of commercial third party testing locations is another to fix this issue. DDS aims to make it easier for the customers or drivers to receive their commercial vehicle road testing. That is why they’ve increased the amount of testing locations for third parties in the state.

The Department of Driver Services has started a pilot program in the state’s truck driving schools to certify truckers so that they can assess their students after passing training courses.

It’s one way to put more commercial vehicle drivers on the road.  Three driving schools in the state have adopted it, including, the Truck Driver Institute (TDI), Daly’s, and Georgia Driving Academy (GDA).

If you are in the commercial vehicle business, learning about increasing third party testing locations will help you train your drivers.  Keep scrolling to learn more about the DDS’s new endeavor.

How Will the GA Department of Driver Service’s Expansion of Third Party Testing Locations Benefit Drivers?

As mentioned above, three driving schools have already joined the pilot program initiated by DDS.  To add to this contribution, Southeastern Linemen training center is all set to begin a testing service for their graduates.

Having the additional testing locations offers plenty of benefits to the schools and training centers.  One of the main benefits is that commercial vehicle businesses can meet the demands for car tests. It also allows commercial truck drivers to get on the road quicker without any long approval process.

In fact, the DDS has an existing partnership with more than 75 third party testers. The testing facilities have trained professionals who are competent and qualified to run the tests.

Third-party testing has allowed many companies outside Georgia’s licensing system, like trucking businesses and driving schools to test students and certify them with commercial driver’s licenses.

Why It’s Important for Truck Drivers

This is a win-win situation, not only for the DDS, but also many CDL training institutions and Georgia students. The pandemic has made it clear that truck drivers are an essential part of our way of life. With 70% of the nation’s goods being delivered by truck, it is crucial to expand.

The third party tester program allows students to easily enter the job market and fill the empty driver’s seat.

Summing Up

The DDS’s involvement in the pilot program has expanded third party testing locations allowing more drivers to hit the road quicker and more efficiently. Due to the truck driver shortage occurring in America we need solutions like these to address this ongoing problem. 


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