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FMCSA to allow trucks to replace rear-view mirrors with cameras

Rear-view mirrors on trucks are a standard safety measure, but one that has limitations. In some cases, a camera system has a wider range of view and can enhance safety. In a recent ruling, the Federal Motor Safety Association (FMCSA) agreed to allow large trucks and carriers to use high tech camera systems in place of the traditional dual mirror setup.

The new approval makes it legal for trucks and fleets to replace a conventional double mirror setup (for rear vision on the road), with cameras instead.

This new exemption was granted by the FMCSA at the end of 2018 and was requested by Stoneridge, a brand that creates technology and monitoring electronics for trucks and fleet vehicles. The exemption runs for five years and is designed to allow a commercial fleet vehicle to use an aftermarket camera system for visibility in place of the usual dual rear vision model.

Two rear-view mirrors for an accurate and effective rear view are currently mandated by the Federal government for enhanced safety. The exemption for monitoring technology via a camera system could increase safety even further since a camera has a wider field of view than the traditional setup.

The approval is designed to allow camera systems from Stoneridge to be used in fleet vehicles. The specific system is the MirrorEye Camera Monitor System (CMS), though the ruling opens doors for other brands and models with equivalent levels of safety to apply as well.truck insurance quotes

The approved system has several digital cameras that are protected by an aerodynamic covering; these are then mounted on the exterior of the vehicle and enhanced visibility for drivers.

MirrorEye cameras are designed to enhance safety by eliminating the blind spots that drivers experience when other vehicles get too close or drive alongside the truck. A wider field of vision would make it easier for the driver of the truck or fleet vehicle to see and avoid other cars and trucks, enhancing safety and preventing accidents.

The company also feels that cameras would offer drivers physical benefits, too, including less chance of back strain and fatigue. With a traditional system of rear-view mirrors, drivers need to look back and forth repeatedly and could experience neck or back strain. The cameras have a wider range of view and could prevent overuse injuries that might otherwise limit the range of movement.

The approval is for this specific system but showcases the FMCSA’s ability to comprehend how new technology can improve lives and driver focus and enhance safety on the roadway for all. This comes as other brands are continually making improvements to fleets and technology and could help keep the roadways safe for all.

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