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5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Compare Truck Insurance Quotes

You might be happy with your current truck insurance. However, prices and coverages are always changing. Insurance companies introduce new discounts all the time. Plus, insurance companies are always competing to get new customers, and that means that they may offer lower rates.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until your existing policy is over to change insurance companies. With the vast majority of insurance plans, you can cancel at any time and switch to a new insurance policy. Need some reasons to compare quotes? Here are five of the most compelling reasons to compare truck insurance quotes.

5 reasons to compare truck insurance quotes

#1 Insurance Companies Frequently Change Their Rates

Car insurance companies adjust their rates monthly based on rate changes in your state. Rates can change even if you haven’t had a ticket or an accident. The price that you pay for truck insurance varies depending on a variety of factors, and these are often not under your control. So, if your rate went up recently, you might qualify for a lower price from another company.

#2 Your Driving Record May Have Changed

Your truck insurance rate is based in part on your driving record. Having just one ticket fall off your record can lower your rates significantly especially if the ticket was for something more serious like a DUI. And, not all insurance companies have the same lookback period. So, one company might look at tickets and accidents that happened three years ago while another might look back five years.

#3 You May Be Eligible For New Discounts

New truck insurance discounts pop up all the time. For instance, Progressive Insurance recently unveiled a new ELD Usage-Based Insurance Program called Smart Haul. This insurance discount program saves truck drivers an average of $1,384, according to Progressive. That is a big chunk of change that you could probably use for other things.

#4 Your Credit Score May Have Improved

It is a myth that credit scores do not affect commercial truck insurance rates — they do unless you live in Hawaii, California, or Massachusetts as the practice is banned in those states. Otherwise, you’ll want to compare truck insurance quotes often as your credit score could have changed. Insurance companies do not use the same credit score as consumer credit card companies use. Therefore, your insurance score might have improved even if your consumer credit score has not.

#5 It’s Easy

You can compare and shop for commercial truck insurance quotes online just by filling out our online quote form. Or you can call us. The form doesn’t take long – it just gives us a way to collect some information that we’ll need to get you quotes. Then one of our agents will reach out to you to talk about your insurance needs. From there, we go shopping and bring back some truck insurance quotes so you can compare coverages and prices. We strive to make insurance as easy as possible.truck insurance quotes

Have questions about commercial auto insurance? Our team of trusty representatives will provide you with the answers that you are looking for. We can help you get the coverage you need to protect your business from the risks you face.