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Tips for driving a big truck around pedestrians

There are times when you are operating a commercial vehicle, truck, or any other large vehicle in an area where there are pedestrians. At times like that, it’s necessary for you as the driver to add an even greater measure of safety consciousness to your driving. With that in mind, here are some tips for staying alert and safe when pedestrians are in your area.

Tips for driving a big vehicle in areas with pedestrians.

1. Noting visibility issues.

Pedestrians may not always be visible to you, for one thing, because they are at a lower height than you are. They can also be blocked from your view by your vehicle. So you need to have a heightened sense of alertness when you are in pedestrian zones to properly navigate those visibility challenges.

2. Watching intersections and crosswalks.

Pedestrians are supposed to cross streets at crosswalks and only when they have the green light to go. Practice having eagle eyes when you are in those areas, and be watching for pedestrians who are waiting to cross a street. However, also keep in mind that pedestrians might walk out into the street even when there is oncoming traffic and even when they do not have the green light signaling them that it is safe to go ahead. Pay attention to possibilities like that.

3. Being cautious when backing up your vehicle.

Because your vehicle is large and because you have blind spots, backing up your vehicle can make for even more safety concerns. Make sure all pedestrians are out of the way before you begin backing up.

4. Watching out for blind spots.

When you are driving a large vehicle, it is especially important to pay extra attention to blind spots, which are areas around your vehicle that you cannot see as well.

5. Being mindful about stopping distances.

Remember that you need to allow plenty of time and space to safely stop when you are operating a large vehicle and pedestrians are nearby. Be extra cautious, and allow yourself a safe distance to stop.

6. Taking time during wide turns.

Wide turns are typical for larger vehicles, so when you are making them, be sure that all pedestrians are out of the way. Take your time, and slow down, when making wide turns.

Pedestrians should be paying close attention to their surroundings and being extra cautious when crossing roads. But you as the vehicle driver also need to be alert and especially cautious in all areas where there are pedestrians. Stay aware, stay safe, and help keep everyone around your vehicle safe. When you have a heightened sense of safety and so do pedestrians, the level of safety that everyone experiences is bound to improve.

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