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Am I a Household Goods Carrier (HHG Carrier)?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issues operating authority in several categories. The category you fall into depends on the type of goods you transport and your origination and destination points. We’ll explain what it means to be a household goods carrier.

Current types of operating authority issued by the FMCSA.

You must go through the Unified Registration System (URS) operated by the FMCSA when applying for operating authority for the first time. You may navigate to this link to complete the process. The FMCSA will issue you one of the following types of operating authority:

  • Broker of Household Goods
  • Broker of Property Except Household Goods
  • Household Goods Carrier
  • Motor Carrier of Household Goods, Moving Companies
  • Motor Carrier of Property, Except Household Goods
  • United States-based Enterprise Carrier of International Cargo, Except Household Goods
  • United States-based Enterprise Carrier of International Household Goods

Motor carriers and drivers involved with the delivery of household goods often have questions about their classification. We provide additional information below to help clarify this topic.

Motor Carrier of Household Goods, Moving Companies.

You fall into this category if you’re authorized as a motor carrier to accept payments from the public for the transportation of certain household goods. The definition of household goods includes anything used inside of a home such as furniture or appliances. Items purchased by customers from a store or factory that they request to have delivered to their home are the most common inclusions in this category. The homeowner pays the transportation charges incurred during the delivery.

Anyone who holds the designation of Motor Carrier of Household Goods must file proof of cargo, bodily injury, and property damage insurance coverage with the FMCSA. Proper registration allows you to maintain your interstate operating authority. If you do not yet have the proper types of insurance, our team of transportation insurance agents can help.

Household Goods Carriers not including Moving Companies

The FMCSA also maintains a separate category of operating authority for motor carriers involved in household goods transportation and miscellaneous services that doesn’t involve moving furniture, appliances, and other personal items.

An HHG carrier can also offer additional services in its normal course of operations. Some of these include:

  • Inventory services
  • Loading and unloading delivered items at a customer’s private residence
  • Providing binding and non-binding cost estimates
  • Providing protective packaging and unpacking services at a customer’s private residence

It’s important to understand what classification you fall into to ensure that you apply for and receive the correct operating authority. If you’re not certain, follow the link to the URC registration page for additional clarification.

Who is authorized to use Clearinghouse?

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