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Three reasons to keep an eye on your CSA Score

Your CSA score is a measure of how well your business is complying with safety requirements mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This program is designed to review a carrier’s safety events and records and compare how well they align with industry standards and best practices. Each event or type is given a different numeric score based on the potential risk and impact to roadway safety; the resulting figure is a CSA score that provides a snapshot of how well a business is doing.

Careful attention to the details and events that impact your CSA and tracking how well your drivers are doing individually and your business is doing as a team is essential since this figure can impact your ability to retain top talent, your big rig insurance rates, and even customer perception of your brand.

3 reasons to keep an eye on your CSA score.

1. Your CSA score says a lot.

Your CSA score is a direct reflection of the attention and care your business takes when it comes to safety; the score will have a significant impact on your overall safety rating. This rating can impact the way current and potential customers see your brand and ultimately their purchasing decisions. Paying attention to your CSA score is part of a healthy safety program, but it is also an essential part of your marketing and brand awareness program as well. If your marketing and branding materials tout an amazing safety awareness and record, but your actual rating tells a different story, your business could be impacted.

Drivers may also use your organization’s CSA ratings to determine if your brand is the right place to work for. A poor CSA score could cause top drivers to avoid your organization, making you miss out on the best talent in a competitive hiring market.

2. Fewer audits and inspections.

Brands with better safety ratings and better CSA scores are less likely to be subject to frequent audits. Audits can and do happen to all firms, but a poor safety rating and poor CSA score make you more likely to be audited frequently. Inspections and audits do more than just take up time you could spend working – they could result in penalties and fines if something is discovered to be amiss. A healthy CSA and safety score will keep the spotlight off your brand and ensure you are not inspected more than average or more than you need to be.

3. Heftier insurance premiums.

Many factors go into your insurance premiums, including your CSA scores. A high score could lead to higher insurance costs to protect your fleet and organization after an accident or loss. While the CSA score is just one factor, it is one you can improve to get the best possible rates.

The CSA score may not be a perfect system, but it is the one in place now; careful attention to your current score and the potential impact that your safety rating can have on your organization can help you avoid hassle and excess costs. Being aware of what this figure is, how it is calculated, and what to expect helps you take reasoned action to protect your brand.

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