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What is the trucking Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD) Program?

The Innovative Technology Deployment Program, or ITD, is part of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) efforts to improve the safety of motor vehicles. We’ll explain more about this important program.

Background of the Innovative Technology Deployment Program

The Innovative Technology Deployment Program was once known as CVISN. This program provides several services that are designed to improve motor vehicle safety. This program enables online applications and online issuance of credentials, and it facilitates the electronic screening of commercial vehicles. Some of the program’s specific goals include:

  • Reducing regulatory and administrative costs at all levels.
  • Improving the sharing of commercial vehicle data at both intrastate and interstate levels.
  • Improving data security.
  • Encouraging the use of targeted enforcement.
  • Simplifying the process of enforcement.
  • Improving the overall safety of motor carriers.

The FMCSA hopes to eventually deploy this program across all carriers nationwide.

Innovative Technology Deployment Grant Program

Paying to implement different aspects of the Innovative Deployment Program can be expensive. For this reason, the government provides funding to help states comply with these requirements through the ITD Grant Program. The ITD Grant Program reimburses states and U.S. territories for the costs they incur when deploying, operating, and maintaining different aspects of the Innovative Technology Deployment Program. These funds are available only to agencies of states and U.S. territories. No funds are available under this program for businesses or individuals.

To apply for federal funding under the Innovative Technology Deployment Grant Program, agencies must first be registered on grants.gov. The registration process may take up to five days. Once they are registered, they ca

n download the application package.

Core Innovative Technology Deployment vs Expanded ITD

The FMCSA has identified three core capability areas states must focus on when implementing the Innovative Technology Deployment Program: electronic screening, credentials administration, and safety information exchange. Core ITD is a system architecture that successfully carries out these three capabilities. Expanded ITD, on the other hand, refers to additional capabilities a state may choose to add after deploying all Core Innovative Technology Deployment functionality.

Once a state has deployed all Core ITD capabilities, the state is considered Core ITD compliant and must take steps to maintain this status. At this time, federal funding can be used to deploy Expanded Innovative Technology Deployment capabilities. States can choose which of these capabilities they want to incorporate.

Core ITD Status Across States

At this time, 42 states are already Core Innovative Technology Deployment compliant. All other states are in the midst of rolling out Core ITD functionality. This process takes time, but it is likely that all states will be Core ITD compliant in the near future. You can check the current Core ITD status of various states by visiting the FMCSA’s website to view the updated list of compliant states. Some states that are already Core ITD compliant may be rolling out expanded Innovative Technology Deployment Program capabilities as time goes on.

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