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Do I have to file the biennial update if there are no changes?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires all carriers who have USDOT Numbers to keep updated information on file, including current entity name, address, and other important details. Any time this information changes, you must update the records associated with your USDOT Number. In order to maintain an active USDOT Number, you must also complete a biennial update, regardless of whether any of your information has changed.

What is a biennial update?

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules require carriers to complete an update of their USDOT Number information once every two years, even if all the information required has remained the same. You must also complete the biennial update even if your company is no longer in business or has ceased interstate operations, unless you have already notified the FMSCA of this change.

What if I don’t complete the biennial update?

If you do not complete the biennial update as required by the FMSCA, your USDOT Number will be deactivated. In addition, you may be forced to pay civil penalties equal to as much as $1,000 per day after the deadline has passed. The maximum penalty for failing to complete a biennial update is $10,000.

How do I complete the biennial update?

You can update your information with the FMSCA online or with a printed form.

Updating online.

To update your registration online, you will need some specific data, including your Company Official information, EIN/SSN, USDOT Number, and assigned PIN. Simply visit the FMSCA Registration Website to complete the process. You can submit both MSC-150 and MCS-150B through this site. If you want a hard copy of your registration form, be sure to print one after completing it online.

If you do not have a PIN number, you can contact the Department of Transportation and request that a PIN be mailed to you. However, if your mailing address is not up-to-date in the system, you will not be able to request a PIN number. Because you cannot complete the biennial update online without a PIN number, you must use a different method to update your information.

Updating with a printed form.

If you are unable to complete your biennial update online, you can complete and submit a copy of the form via mail, email or fax. Simply print the form and fill in all the required information. After you have signed the form, you can send it through the mail, via fax, or through the USDOT’s web form.

What should I do if I missed the deadline?

If you have already missed the deadline for completing your biennial update, you need to act quickly. You will need to reactivate your USDOT Number to minimize your penalties and avoid future problems. To reactivate the USDOT Number, simply complete the required MCS-150 form. You can submit the completed form online, by mail, or by fax.

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