Can Technology Help You Lower Your Trucking Insurance Cost?

The use of technology can help your trucking insurance

Did you know that litigation of truck accidents has increased significantly?

Whether you have a transportation company or a trucking fleet, managing insurance may be a daunting task.  We say this because legal settlements are on the rise and premiums are increasing.  Plus, the equipment has become more costly.  The new legislation has drastically changed the way people measure and understand safety.

With the insurance landscape shifting, drivers are opting for new technologies to keep themselves safe and lower their insurance. Technology plays a key role in enabling technology adapters to decrease risks in the driver’s seat.  Also, many auto insurance companies offer discounts to their policyholders for installing vehicle safety devices or demonstrating safe driving.

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How much does flatbed truck insurance cost?

Flatbed truck insurance rates can vary greatly.

Flatbed truck insurance generally costs $12,000 per power unit per year. However, we say this without knowing your business – your drivers, your location, and so on. Many factors affect flatbed truck insurance rates, such as:

  • Your drivers
  • Your loss history
  • Your SAFER score
  • What you’re transporting
  • Your truck
  • Your location
  • Your radius of operation

Flatbed truck insurance rates are different from business to business, and that’s why it’s a good idea to get quotes for flatbed truck insurance.

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What kind of insurance do I need for a flatbed truck?

Flatbed truck insurance rates can vary greatly.

So, you’ve got a flatbed truck…or two. You’re all set to run your business, but now you’ve got a question: what kind of insurance do you need for a flatbed truck? There are a lot of coverages out there for trucks, so which ones should you get for your business? We’ll go over some of the coverages you may want to consider for your flatbed trucks.

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Don’t make these mistakes when getting flatbed insurance

flatbed insurance

Truck insurance can get a tiny bit complicated. Okay, maybe more than “a tiny bit.” There are a lot of different coverages you can consider for your flatbed trucks and a lot of details about your business to take into account. To help you out with the truck-insurance-buying process, we’ve got eight common mistakes to avoid when getting flatbed insurance.

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