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How much does flatbed truck insurance cost?

Flatbed truck insurance generally costs $12,000 per power unit per year. However, we say this without knowing your business – your drivers, your location, and so on. Many factors affect flatbed truck insurance rates, such as:

  • Your drivers
  • Your loss history
  • Your SAFER score
  • What you’re transporting
  • Your truck
  • Your location
  • Your radius of operation

Flatbed truck insurance rates are different from business to business, and that’s why it’s a good idea to get quotes for flatbed truck insurance.

Number of Flatbed TrucksAverage Insurance Cost per Year
1 truck$12,000

How much does flatbed insurance cost?

Before we answer that question, we have to say something:

Insurance rates for flatbed trucks differ widely from business to business. Every business is different, and they face different amounts of risk. There are a lot of factors that determine flatbed truck insurance rates and insurance companies look at a lot of details about businesses before setting premiums. All this is to say that the following is just a rough estimate – your rates could be within this range, or they might not. It all depends on your business.

With that out of the way, insurance for a flatbed truck could cost $12,000 (per year, per power unit) depending on your SAFER score and your loss history. And what can also make a difference in the cost of flatbed truck insurance is the cargo insurance you need. The agent assisting you should be asking lots of questions about the loads you haul – it’s crucial to make sure you have the right cargo insurance with the right limits.

What factors affect the cost of flatbed truck insurance?

Insurance companies use a lot of details about your business to determine your rates. Here are some factors that can have an impact on your rates.

Your drivers:

The age and experience of the people who drive the truck can affect your premiums. The Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) can also affect your rates (an MVR gives a record of their driving history.) But if your drivers have a good amount of truck driving experience and if they have a clean driving record, your premiums will likely be lower because of that.


Your loss run can affect your insurance rates – a loss run is essentially a history of all of your losses and claims. If you have a history of claims, accidents, traffic tickets, or speeding tickets, your rates could be on the higher side. That’s because you’re more of a risk to the insurance company – they see you as being more likely to have an accident or claim.

Your SAFER score:

Your SAFER rating can also have an impact on your rates. It helps the insurance company get an idea of your business’s safety record.

Your trucks:

The truck itself plays a part in your rates. The year, make, and model of the flatbed will affect your premium. It will cost more to insure a more valuable truck. The GVWR also affects your rates. Basically, the value of the truck affects how expensive it will be to repair or replace your flatbed if anything happens to it.

How many trucks are in your fleet:

All of your trucks need to be insured, so your insurance premiums will probably cost more if you have multiple trucks. More trucks mean a higher chance of facing a loss.

What you’re transporting:

The type of load that you’re transporting can affect your premium. An insurance carrier will need to know what you’re hauling and who you’re transporting loads for. These things affect your rates.

How long your business has been around:

An established business that’s been around for a few years could get lower flatbed insurance rates if they have a clean loss record. The insurance company can analyze more data, and you’ve proved yourself to be a safe operation. So, that’s why an established business can have lower rates than a new venture.

Your location and your radius of operation:

Your location and your radius of operation affect your flatbed truck insurance rates. And if you cross state lines can also affect your rates.

All of these details go into determining your flatbed truck insurance rates. To get an accurate idea of how much flatbed insurance will cost for your business, you need to get a truck insurance quote. Getting multiple quotes is the best way to compare coverage and pricing and get great coverage at a great rate.

And our truck insurance experts would be happy to help you shop for your flatbed truck insurance. We’ll get multiple quotes for your insurance and go over all of your insurance options with you so that you can choose the coverage that’s right for you. Get started with your flatbed truck insurance quotes by filling out our online quote form or giving us a call today.