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How to Shop for Trucking Insurance

Whether your trucking business is just starting out or you want to see if you can save some serious cash on insurance premiums, you are about to tackle the chore of finding the right policy. The really great news is that you don’t have to be a professional or even set aside a huge chunk of time to tackle this chore. Start by filling out an easy online form and let the pros give you a helping hand.

Shop for a Trucking Insurance Policy Sized Right for Your Business

You could own a single light-duty pickup that provides local delivery services. Perhaps you are launching a new hauling service that delivers a constant stream of industrial supplies to a busy factory. The insurance needed for both trucking businesses is very different.  The former policy may be very similar to your standard auto insurance, but with some added liability coverage.  The latter company needs a robust and flexible policy that can take care of the drivers, can handle HAZMAT situations, and even rewards you for a safe driving fleet.

That is why when you work with Truck Insurance Quotes, we begin every relationship with a few simple questions. We then match up your basic needs with an insurance agent that specializes in your type of trucking business, so we can find the perfect fit in protection.

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What Types of Coverage are Needed for Your Trucks and Payload

Before clicking on a generic insurance policy for your trucking company, you need to know what kind of liabilities that you may face. These are just a few of the kinds of coverage that can be included on your account:

  • Cargo Insurance: Protecting you against the cost of a lost load due to fire, theft, or an accident.
  • Physical Damage: This generally applies to your trucks, whether they haul hay on the farm or oversized loads of ore at the mine.
  • Non-Trucking Liability: When your vehicles are running empty, the drivers and vehicles still require coverage.
  • Comprehensive: Save time by paying a single deductible per incident and your policy helps defray the cost of damages caused by other people and random situations on the road. Get your crew back on the road earning money faster.
  • Pollution/HAZMAT: Whether you haul a tanker of chemicals or just have oversized fuel tanks, this coverage can defray the cost of environmental clean-up after your accident results in a spill.
  • Commercial Insurance: Don’t forget that you will also need workman’s comp, health insurance, property and building, and other insurance products to help your business survive the unexpected.

Let the Professionals Work for You

There is no doubt that when you shop trucking insurance, the process can be confusing, time-consuming, and overwhelming. When you work with an insurance broker, we are able to source multiple quotes from several companies that provide the level of protection that your particular trucking business needs. You will only need to make a selection while confident that every policy meets or surpasses your local and federal requirements.

Click, fill out the form, and get multiple quotes from trusted and reputable sources.  It is that simple.