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How Has Long-Haul Trucking Changed during the Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for everyone, and long-haul truckers are no exception. Below are some of the chief complaints of drivers who have worked throughout the pandemic.

No Break from Sitting in the Truck

Long-haul truckers spend many consecutive hours alone driving their truck to its destination. Before the pandemic, one thing that many looked forward to was getting out of the truck and going inside a restaurant. Not only did the break provide truckers with needed nourishment, but it also gave them the chance to talk to people before heading back on the road.

Truckers no longer had the option to get away from their truck when most restaurants went to a takeout-only model in the early days of the pandemic. All they could do was order takeout and eat it in their truck. Fitting their vehicle through drive-thru lanes was also difficult.

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The Challenges of Good Hygiene During the Pandemic

As health officials have repeatedly stated, frequent handwashing is one way to prevent spreading or contracting the coronavirus. Unfortunately for long-haul truckers, finding a place to wash their hands or take a shower became much more difficult once the pandemic hit. While carrying small bottles of hand sanitizer is an option, that isn’t always enough for truckers to feel clean.

The inability to find places to wash up has been especially frustrating for truckers when they continually hear the message to wash their hands, yet the government made resources unavailable to them by closing many facilities. Even rest stops initially closed. Although they opened soon after, rest stops don’t provide the same showering and food service options as a full-service truck stop.

Increased Risk of Contracting or Spreading COVID-19

Truckers are indeed essential workers, and the United States would come to even more of a grinding halt without them. From food chain supply disruptions to the inability to deliver medical equipment, no one wants to think about life without truckers for too long. Starting in March 2020 when the World Health Organization (WHO) first declared COVID-19 a pandemic until now, truckers have had no choice but to keep working.

Truckers may spend a lot of time alone driving to their destination, but they interact with many people during pick-up and delivery. The more people they are around, the greater their risk for catching the contagious coronavirus and passing it along to several other people. Their ongoing exposure risk has left many truckers feeling anxious about doing their jobs. However, many reported reduced anxiety once they heard that a vaccine would soon be available.

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The Trucking World is Slowly Returning to Normal

Now that nearly a year has passed since COVID-19 first arrived, many businesses that serve truckers have re-opened and gladly welcomed them back. Although some challenges remain, the job should not be nearly as difficult to navigate as it was at the beginning of the pandemic. If anything good has come of it, truckers can take comfort in the fact that Americans appreciate them now more than ever.

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