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Understanding Fuel Cards for Trucking Businesses

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses trucking companies face. When you have other expenses to meet such as maintenance, repairs, and payroll, paying for fuel at the time the trucker needs it is not always realistic.

Trucking company fuel cards are like credit cards for truckers to purchase the fuel they need to stay on the road and make deliveries on time. You may also hear them referred to as fleet cards although the two are not exactly the same. Trucking company fuel cards typically cover fuel only while fleet cards may cover repairs, maintenance, car washes, and small items truckers purchase at truck stops.

What Are the Benefits of Using Trucking Company Fuel Cards?

Besides the obvious convenience of having some breathing room to pay fuel bills, trucking company fuel cards also offer important name recognition. Offered exclusively to the transportation industry, trucking company fuel cards bear the name of the company financing the purchase. If you own a trucking company and request multiple cards for different employees, you can request a spending limit for each one.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of trucking company fuel cards is that they come with discounts you will not find anywhere else. This alone can save you thousands of dollars each year. When you use a credit card just for fuel purchases, it makes it easy to understand your fuel expenses at the end of the year and set a budget for next year.

Drivers should appreciate trucking company fuel cards because they no longer need to save and present receipts to receive fuel reimbursement. The credit card issuer provides online management of every driver’s activities. This allows for immediate access and eliminates the risk of drivers losing receipts.

Trucking company fuel cards typically come with two different pricing options. One is for each driver to pay the pump price, which is the price stated at the gas station. The pump price can vary from day to day. The downside to paying the pump price is that it can be hard to estimate fuel costs for budgeting purposes. You can also opt for a fixed price that does not change regardless of what happens with day-to-day fuel prices. Most trucking company owners choose this option as it tends to save them the most money.

Additional Details About Trucker Fuel Cards

Fuel companies themselves, rather than major credit card issuers like Visa and MasterCard, issue these specialty credit cards. That means drivers can only use them at certain truck filling stations. However, the card issuer will provide you with a list of locations to make it easier for drivers to plan their routes. Keep in mind that most companies offering trucking company fuel cards require payment for the previous month’s charges within 30 days.

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