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Will I get notified when my biennial update is due and how do I complete it?

If you have a USDOT number, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires an update of your information at least once every two years, regardless of whether any information about your company has changed. Below is some information to help you understand when your truck biennial update is required and how you can complete it most easily.

When is the truck biennial update required?

You must complete your biennial update every two years. The month in which your update is due will depend on the last digit of your USDOT number. If your USDOT number ends in 1, for example, your update is due in January. USDOT numbers ending in 2 must be updated in February, and so on. If the next-to-last digit in your company’s USDOT number is odd, you will complete your biennial updates in odd-numbered years. If your next-to-last digit is even, you will complete your biennial update in even-numbered years.

You may receive a reminder from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration before your biennial update is due. However, you should not rely on this reminder to complete your updates. Mark them down on your calendar so you can be sure you never miss a deadline.

How to complete the biennial update

You can complete your biennial update by fax, postal mail, or email. All of these methods will require approximately three to four weeks of processing time. You can also complete the biennial update online.

To complete the truck biennial update by fax or postal mail, you must first print the MCS-150 form available online. Complete this form and sign it before faxing or mailing it to the Department of Transportation. If you choose to fax your form, be sure it is complete and fax it to 606-330-3802 or 202-366-3477.  If you choose to mail it, send it to the address listed on the form itself.

To send in your biennial update by email, you can upload a signed version of the document to the appropriate web form. After it has been submitted, you will receive a tracking number via email.

Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to complete your biennial update is to update the registration online. This method is available only if your USDOT Number is currently active. If you complete your biennial update using this method, it will be processed immediately.

Can you complete the biennial update over the phone?

If you don’t have access to the internet, you may wonder if you can complete the update over the phone. However, at this time, a signed form is required, and verbal updates are not accepted. If you don’t have the ability to print the form off the internet, you can request a paper copy of the MCS-150 form to be mailed to you by calling 800-832-5660.

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