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Does your business need trucker pollution liability insurance?

How Does Trucker Pollution Liability Insurance Protect You?

Who is responsible when a semi-truck crashes and spills hundreds of gallons of toxic material near a salmon stream? That exact scenario happened in Anchorage, Alaska recently, and the driver was just sentenced to jail time for oil polluting after he crashed an oil tanker into a snowbank. The driver spilled more than 2,800 gallons of diesel fuel near the tributary of a Salmon stream.

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UPS has lowered its accident rate.

How UPS Significantly Lowered Its Accident Rate

In the US, on the job fatalities rose 7% last year. The transportation industry accounts for a whopping 40% of these fatalities. That far exceeds any other industry.

As important as it is to prevent a fatality, that’s not the only cost. Injuries, property damage, damage to your own trucks, potential downtime and increased insurance premiums cost you.

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