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trucking agent

Questions to Ask Your Trucking Agent

When looking for truck insurance, it’s best to reach out to multiple insurance agencies so that you have various options to explore. This way, you can determine the best option for you and save a considerable amount of money on your insurance in the meantime.

When talking to a trucking insurance agent, there are several questions you should ask them to determine if they’re the best fit for you or not.

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Commercial Truck Inspections

How to Conduct Commercial Truck Inspections

When driving a personal vehicle for everyday use, most drivers simply jump in and go. However, for commercial motor vehicles used to transport cargo or passengers, extra consideration should be taken to ensure that they’re safe and ready for the road.

Performing pre-trip inspections on your commercial truck can catch potential problems before they have a chance to endanger the safety of you and others on the road. Take care of problems right away to prevent future costs and delays.

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cargo theft

4 Tips for Reducing Cargo Thefts

It’s estimated that cargo theft results in losses of $15 to $30 billion annually in the United States. While those numbers may seem alarmingly high, they illustrate just how vulnerable cargo is during the shipping process.

Shipping losses can dramatically cut into your bottom line, making it essential that you do everything you can to ensure that your goods are transported safely to their destination.

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California Truck Insurance

California Truck Insurance Requirements

Every commercial motor vehicle on the road must have sufficient coverage in place. Apart from being a legal requirement, commercial auto insurance provides the insured parties with financial protection in the event of a covered loss. Commercial motor vehicles are massive investments, and as a truck driver, you’ll want to safeguard your asset.

If you’re a truck driver in California you’re probably on the hunt for the best coverage and rates. Especially as inflation continues to drive up the cost of goods around the world. As a business in the transportation industry, we understand the urge to cut back on expenses. However, now’s not the time to cut back on your insurance coverage. With a few simple tips, you can manage your insurance costs without breaking the bank.

In this article, we’ll discuss the FMCSA insurance requirements in California and the various factors that affect your rates. Let’s get started.

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dry van cargo

How to Secure Dry Van Cargo

As a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver, you know few things are more important when on the road than transporting your cargo safely. That’s why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has outlined regulations for making sure your cargo is loaded and secured properly.

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motor truck cargo insurance

A Guide to Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Commercial drivers face a number of risks on the road, including truck crashes, severe weather, and equipment breakdowns. Trucking insurance can help cover carriers and drivers from these losses, but it can be easy to overlook another common risk—lost or damaged cargo.

Because for-hire transporters don’t own the cargo they carry, standard trucking liability policies may not provide the coverage you need if anything happens to freight while it’s in transit. And since cargo can be extremely valuable, you could be responsible for expensive losses and damaged relationships with your clients.

All transporters should consider motor truck cargo insurance to cover their liability for the goods they carry. The FMCSA also requires vehicles to have cargo insurance for interstate commerce, and other federal and state laws may also apply.

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prevent cargo theft

How to Prevent Cargo Theft

Truckers are responsible for hauling valuable cargo to their designated drop-off location. Therefore, they’re often targeted by groups of individuals who resell the goods to make a hefty profit. As a result, trucking businesses need to take major precautions to reduce the chances of their cargo being stolen.

This is an ongoing problem and we need better solutions to prevent this from happening. In this article, we’ll discuss ways trucking businesses can prevent cargo theft.

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cargo being loaded on truck

How Much Cargo Insurance Do I Need?

Since trucks carry a wide variety of cargo throughout their journeys, it’s hard to figure out how much coverage they’ll need. If you’re a trucker, keep in mind that the amount and value of your cargo changes pretty frequently. That’s why it’s important to invest in a quality cargo insurance policy that fits your needs.

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