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How to Prevent Cargo Theft

Truckers are responsible for hauling valuable cargo to their designated drop-off location. Therefore, they’re often targeted by groups of individuals who resell the goods to make a hefty profit. As a result, trucking businesses need to take major precautions to reduce the chances of their cargo being stolen.

This is an ongoing problem and we need better solutions to prevent this from happening. In this article, we’ll discuss ways trucking businesses can prevent cargo theft.

How to Prevent Cargo Theft

Keep Your Drop-off Location Unknown

Since most truckers spend the majority of their days on the road by themselves, it’s not uncommon for them to chat with people they meet at rest stops. Some drivers accidentally reveal their drop-off location to the wrong people. It’s essential to be extremely careful about revealing small details related to your cargo or the place you’re heading to.

Communicate with Dispatch

If you plan on stopping, you need to communicate it with dispatch. Therefore, you need to give them the address you’re stopping at, how long you’ll be there, and how long the cargo will be unattended. Always carry your cellphone if you step away from the truck.

The more information you give to them, the more likely you’ll be able to retrieve your goods if something were to happen.

 Install Tracking Devices

Thanks to evolving technology, did you know truckers can now leverage the power of some great tracking devices?

Geofencing, for instance, is a fantastic way to trace stolen vehicles or cargo. The app will send a security alert and notify authorities if a device or RFID tag crosses a virtual “fence” in a certain area. This is a great way for trucking businesses to keep track of their trucks and cargo.

Upgrade Your Security

In addition to tracking devices, there are things you can do to deter thieves and limit intrusion. It’s wise to install high-security locks such as landing gear locks or king pin locks. The more locks you have on your cargo doors and truck, the less likely a thief will be willing to pursue you.

Be Aware of the “Hot Spots”

In the third quarter of 2021, there were more than 290 cargo theft incidents in Canada and the US. These reoccurring problems cause between $15-$30 billion in losses each year. States including Florida, Texas, New Jersey, and Georgia have the highest theft rates. Most theft incidents happen during the weekdays with an average of 24 a day.

The most common stolen commodities in the US are beverages, food items, valuable metals, and household goods.

Therefore, drivers and fleet managers need to be aware of the areas that experience the most cargo thefts. To avoid stopping in these areas we suggest planning out your route in advance and making note of these hot spots.

Lastly, make sure your drivers are aware of their surroundings and can detect dangerous situations. If a rest stop or gas station looks suspicious it’s best to keep driving until you find a safer location.

Screen Employees

The rate of cargo theft has increased drastically over the years. It’s becoming an organized crime and sometimes ends up being an insider job.

This is where pre-employment screening comes into play. Trucking businesses must have a comprehensive process of screening their applicants. The most important piece of information to look at is their criminal record. This can help trucking and cargo companies reduce the number of dishonest hires who are in it for the wrong reasons.

Summing Up

Cargo theft is growing day by day in the US and requires a strategic plan to prevent incidents like it from happening. Thus, the tips mentioned above can help deter thieves and lessen the number of cargo thefts.



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Cargo theft up as thieves take advantage of increased traffic, idled shipments