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Where can roadside inspection data be viewed?

All drivers and commercial motor vehicles are governed by specific regulations. Unfortunately, not every vehicle and driver complies with these requirements. Noncompliance can cause a safety hazard for everyone on the road. For this reason, the authorities engage in certain activities designed to enforce these regulations.

In order to ensure that all drivers and commercial motor vehicles are following the appropriate laws while operating a vehicle, Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program inspectors conduct roadside inspections of both commercial motor vehicles and drivers. Following a roadside inspection, the driver should receive a paper copy of the inspector’s report, which details all of the results of the inspection. However, duplicate reports are also available when required.

What is a roadside inspection?

A roadside inspection involves an examination of a commercial motor vehicle and/or its driver. The inspector’s goal during this process is to make sure that the vehicle and its driver are complying with all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and Hazardous Materials Regulations. Several levels of inspection exists, from full inspections to a simple walk-around. Other inspections cover the driver only.

Roadside inspections may uncover no violations, mild violations, or serious violations, depending on the situation. When serious violations are identified, the inspector will often issue a vehicle or driver out-of-service order. If this occurs, the violations must be fixed so that the vehicle or driver in question can return to the road.

Getting a copy of the roadside inspection

In some cases, the driver may lose his or her copy of the inspection report or simply need a duplicate to give to someone else. Likewise, in some cases, the motor carrier may want a copy of an inspection report. In such cases, you can access an electronic copy of the inspection report online by visiting the Safety Measurement System, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Portal (SAFER). This system will produce a copy of the report after you provide some basic information.

If a motor carrier wants a physical copy of the inspection report, the carrier can either enter a request for the report through the DataQs System or contact the State Agency where the inspection occurred.

Avoiding violations

Roadside inspections can be unavoidable. As a driver or motor carrier, it is important to be prepared for these inspections at all times, as they will be conducted without warning. To be prepared for roadside inspections, you need to educate yourself on all relevant regulations and make sure you are always in compliance. If a roadside inspection uncovers any type of violation, take steps to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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