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How do I change the business name on my motor carrier authority?

Your company name does more than just let customers know what you do and make it easy for them to find you. It is also used by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to identify your business and catalog your safety records and related details. If you change your business name to reflect a new approach, target a new industry or simply because you are undergoing a branding change, you’ll need to change it officially on your operating authority – for example, your motor carrier authority. This ensures that your records stay up to date and that you are in full compliance with all regulatory agencies and rules.

How to change your company name for your motor carrier, broker or freight forwarder authority

The name change process is surprisingly simple and affordable. All changes are submitted to the FMCSA for review and updating; you have several options when it comes to updating your details to match your new name and relevant information for your motor carrier authority, broker authority, or freight forwarder authority.

You should know that when you change your name on your MC number, your name will automatically change on your US DOT number as well. Note that the reverse of this is not true; when you change your USDOT number, you will have to complete the separate MC name change form as outlined above to complete the process.

According to the FMCSA, changing your name includes completing a form online or via the mail and then paying a small fee. The entire process takes about a week and as of 2019, costs just $14. You’ll need to include your old name, new name, address and other relevant details to make the change official.

  • To change your name online, visit the online registration site for the FMCSA.  You will see the option to file a name change on the main page. Select this option, then complete the form and follow the directions. You will need to pay the $14 filing fee at this time via credit or debit card.
  • To change your name by mail, you should complete the MCSA 5889 form, which is the official FMCSA records change form. Once you have completed the form, you can mail it with your check or money order to the FMCSA processing office; their address is on the form itself.
  • To change your name by fax, download and complete form MCSA 5889, then fax the completed form to the number at the bottom of the directions.

Filing online is the fastest way to change your name with your motor carrier authority, but the other methods are relatively swift as well. If you are an LLC and you change your name, you may need to supply legal documentation that the new name is official. Your name change will be complete in about a week and you can begin doing business officially under your new brand name and phase out the old one.

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