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The most misunderstood facts about bobtail truck insurance

If you drive your semi without a trailer attached, then you need bobtail insurance. Bobtail insurance pays for damages that occur while the trailer is not attached to your truck. An example would be if you drop off your load in Detroit, Michigan and pick up another in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Bobtail insurance can cover you between Detroit and Pittsburgh.

Due to the complexity of bobtail truck insurance, there are a lot of misconceptions about what it is and what it covers. It can be hard to determine the truth. Unfortunately, these myths can be costly. To help shed some light on bobtail insurance and save you money, we have put together this list of common misconceptions.

Misunderstanding 1: Bobtail truck insurance is the same as non-trucking liability

Sometimes the terms bobtail insurance and non-trucking liability are used interchangeably. However, they are not the same. Non-trucking liability provides protection when a tractor is being operated off dispatch. So, if you are off the clock, then non-trucking liability could cover you. However, bobtail insurance would only cover you during this trip if the trailer is not attached.

Misunderstanding 2: Bobtail truck insurance does not cover you on the way home

Bobtail liability coverage may cover personal trips — as long as the trailer is not attached. So, if you just finished dropping your load and you’re on the way home, bobtail could provide liability if you hit another vehicle, provided you don’t have a trailer.

Misunderstanding 3: Bobtail insurance covers physical damage to your truck

Bobtail usually covers damage to other people’s property and injuries to others. For example, if you are driving without a trailer and hit a guardrail, bobtail insurance could pay for damages to the guardrail. However, in this situation, bobtail insurance would not cover damages to your truck. For that, you would need comprehensive or collision insurance (or physical damage insurance.)

It’s really important to make sure that you have the right insurance to protect yourself and your business. We can help you find the truck insurance that’s right for you. To get started, all you have to do is fill out our online quote form or give us a call today.

Misunderstanding 4: Bobtail insurance costs the same everywhere so it doesn’t pay to shop around

professionals recommend shopping around if you want to get the very best rates on bobtail insurance. The commercial truck insurance industry is competitive, which means that insurance companies compete to offer lower rates. Additionally, they often adjust their rates, so the carrier who gave you the best rate two years ago may not be the one that offers you the lowest rate today. Getting multiple bobtail truck insurance rates is the best way to find the most competitive rates.

One easy way to compare rates is to shop online. We can easily and quickly help you compare policy features and rates. Simply gather basic information before you begin, such as your license and where you reside, then answer the quick questions on our online quote form. Our team of transportation insurance agents can help you get the coverage you need to protect your business from risks.