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5 essential coverages for trucks that haul hazardous materials

Do you regularly transport hazardous materials or pollutants? (Maybe you have a tank truck.) If so, then you face certain liability risks. If you have an accident, it could cause a fire or explosion. Hazardous materials may cause injury to those people who come in contact with the substance. Or toxic chemicals could spill onto the roadway. These chemicals may even contaminate nearby properties of water. The costs to clean up after contamination can be staggering, which is why you need trucker’s pollution liability or hazmat insurance.

Pollution or hazmat insurance protects you from lawsuits that are caused by hazardous materials that you might be carrying. Pollution insurance can protect you from lawsuits and losses related to a pollution incident.

Who needs hazmat/pollution insurance?

A hazardous material is any substance that poses a threat to the safety or health of people or property. Some examples of such substances include propane, petroleum, fertilizers, paint, cleaning chemicals, combustible gases, and other chemicals.

What kind truck insurance coverages do you need if you haul hazardous materials?

Not sure what kind of insurance you need for your business? If you haul hazardous materials or pollutants, then you should consider these coverages.

#1. Pollution liability

Pollution liability insurance is required by law for truckers who transport hazardous materials. This insurance provides coverage for cleanup expenses after an accident involving pollutants. These expenses can get very expensive very quickly. Depending on what kind of hazardous materials you haul, you could need anywhere from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 in coverage.

#2. Collision and comprehensive

Every truck insurance policy should include collision and comprehensive insurance (a.k.a physical damage insurance.) This insurance covers the cost of damages to your truck should you have a collision. It also covers damage from things like theft, environmental disasters and so forth.

#3. Medical payments

When you haul hazardous materials, it puts you and your passengers at risk of serious injury in the event of a crash. You might suffer chemical burns if the material is corrosive. You and any passengers in your truck could get radiation sickness if you haul radioactive materials and have an accident. A poison could enter your body through open wounds during a collision. Any of these types of incidents could require extensive medical treatment. Medical payments coverage can help you afford essential treatments that are needed for your injuries.

#4. Loading and unloading coverage

It’s essential to make sure your insurance provides protection for loads while they are being loaded or unloaded. There is a lot of risks that are inherent in loading and unloading hazardous materials.

#5. Hazmat hauler’s general liability

This insurance coverage provides compensation for non-trucking related claims. It covers risks to your business outside of operating your truck. An example of such a claim could be wrongful delivery of a hazardous chemical.

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