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Do I need a CDL to drive this vehicle?

You may have a new job that involves driving certain special types of vehicles, or you may be driving vehicles other than standard private passenger vehicles just for personal use. Either way, there are times when you need to drive what are known as commercial vehicles, and those vehicles require you to have an added level of experience, skills, and knowledge. When you are driving those vehicles, you need to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Here are some of the vehicles for which you need to have a CDL.

Trucks that transport hazardous materials

Needless to say, transporting hazardous materials is a major responsibility. The potential risk to the driver, passengers, and other motorists on the road can be severe. So it is critical that anyone driving a truck like that have the proper qualifications. Thus the importance of a CDL in order to operate a vehicle like that.

Trucks that haul trailers

Numerous safety risks are introduced whenever a driver is hauling trailers such as double or triple trailers behind a truck. Tractor trailers require drivers to have a commercial driver’s license. There are special skills involved in being able to drive a large truck, and a CDL can assess for the knowledge and abilities required.

Trucks with tanks

Another potentially dangerous situation is created when a truck driver is hauling a tank. The driver of a setup like that needs to have a high level of both cognitive and physical abilities to meet the rigorous demands and stay focused on safely driving a vehicle like that. So a CDL is an absolute necessity for anyone driving a tank truck.


Driving a bus can be complex and can involve much more skill, physical ability, and knowledge than simply driving a noncommercial vehicle, so it makes sense that a CDL is required to drive any type of bus. This ranges from a school bus to a city bus that carries passengers from place to place.

Certain passenger vehicles

Even certain passenger vehicles can be highly elaborate to safely operate, so it is essential for anyone driving them to have a CDL. If you are unsure whether your vehicle requires a CDL, it is best to ask your local department of motor vehicles (DMV).

Once you know that you are driving a vehicle requiring a CDL, go ahead and contact your DMV to find out what the requirements are, as those can vary from state to state. No matter what though, you will need to have certain skills, experience, knowledge, and abilities to obtain a commercial driver’s license. You will likely need to prepare for any testing required to obtain the CDL, and a permit will probably be required before getting a full CDL. Stay informed, stay focused, and stay safe on the road by obtaining and maintaining the proper licensing.

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